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Republicans Imploding?

Barack Obama has been so wrong, so stupid, so damaging to the country that all it would take is some hack to recite the encyclopedia of Alinskyism that he has wrought upon the country. Instead, conservatives are playing into his hands, almost as if they were working with him.

It’s not clear why Sheriff Joe Arpaio decided to hold a press conference and declare Barack, Barry Soetoro Obama’s birth certificate a fraud. This is old news, and it’s old because conservatives across the country folded and conceded the White House to an obvious fraud. The birth certificate was torn apart by experts, and coupled with Obama’s hell-bent court battles to keep any and all records of his life sealed, if nothing else raises suspicion. We know his father was not a citizen of the United States. That alone disqualifies Obama. If he indeed was an Indonesian college student after age 18, that too would disqualify him. We need go no further. Now Arpaio comes up with this press conference, and he has to know he will get no support whatsoever from Republicans or the right in general. The report that outs Obama (once again) is now being sold as an E-Book to compound things. But conservatives covering for Obama’s fraud isn’t the only thing that will keep him in the White House.

Rush Limbaugh, who never spoke for me, has apparently become the voice of the right. After calling some slut a slut the other day, the mainstream media phony outrage machine took over. And an effective machine it was. Now we have Limbaugh apologizing for the remark, much to the giggles of the likes of Bill Maher and Chris Matthews, who have had much worse things to say about conservative women. Somebody took the advice of Harry Reid and got Limbaugh’s ass in line.

We also have the continuing saga of contraceptives. Rick Santorum’s one man battle to keep Satan from handing out free contraceptives is ludicrous on the face. That isn’t even the issue, but the msm has made it the issue, and conservatives have fallen right in line. Barry has to be smiling.

The Los Angeles police chief thinks driver’s licenses for illegals is great idea. Muslim terror coddlers on the East Coast are bitching because someone is actually watching them. The occupods are still at work. Less coverage now, but they are working. Jobs are still being shipped to China hand over fist. Almost as fast as Chinese made defective goods are being shipped in. The EPA is strangling companies (an article unto itself). John Stossel on FOX had a great, disturbing program that detailed just what the EPA is up to. We have the political disaster in Libya and Egypt, $15 trillion in debt, a hatchet coming at the military, a crumbling infrastructure, porous borders, even as those that have no allegiance to America stake their claim, Interpol free to roam and arrest on American soil, climate change still being pushed as something legitimate, ACORN alive and well, rigged voting machines, an out of control TSA, run by a Muslim briefing Homeland Security, and even more out of control Justice Department, who’s racism, gun running, and arm twisting are so well documented that it’s absurd that only one investigation is taking place.

Of course, I’ve just scratched the surface. Why can’t our stellar candidates scratch that same surface? This should be open and shut. There are so many ways to take apart Barack Obama that this should be the easiest campaign ever. Instead, it’s a death struggle, and right now, it looks like Republicans are losing.

We gave Republicans another chance in 2010. We got some of the good guys in there, but there are a whole lot of goons that should have been thrown out. Those are the old Gingrich school Republicans, the ones that the people didn’t want.

I don’t know who’s calling the shots (if anybody), but if Republicans can’t get this right, what could we possibly expect from one in the White House? Yes, anybody but Obama, but we have to get there first. Right now I don’t see that happening.

22 comments to Republicans Imploding?

  • I’m with you! The Republicans have let themselves be led away from the real fight and are now talking about issues far less important than the issues facing the country moving forward. The Democrat/media diversionary tactic has worked flawlessly and I am afraid the Republicans have already lost in November.

  • The sooner Santorum leaves the stage the better. What the heck did Rush think would happen to open up this can of worms? That is right, his ratings are tanking. Thanks Rush.

  • Barb Hartwell

    Wait a minute SOME SLUT A SLUT, Come on when anyone talks like this they should expect repercussions. This kind of talk is what is wrong with society. We may not agree with each-other but calling a law student a slut because she thinks birth control pills should be covered in her insurance plan. When does it stop. Should they deny other things they do not approve of? Nobody wants to take care of children after they are born. Condoms and aspirin between knees don`t work either. I would rather prevent unwanted pregnancies than support children born to drug addicts and teens who are not ready to be parents. Think of all the kids that get into trouble each year that we pay for. This is the worse piece you wrote yet, as it shows ignorance, and not even a little compassion.

    • Poor little law student (40k a year as I understand it), can’t afford her pills.

      The travesty surrounding the testimony of a Georgetown law student who claims she’ll go broke if the government doesn’t mandate free birth control continues as a background check reveals she’s actually a reproductive rights activist who enrolled at the Catholic university with every intention of challenging it’s contraceptive-free insurance policy.

      • Barb Hartwell

        Now tell the truth the whole truth. She was advocating for a friend who has ovarian cysts and for three days Limbaugh who had nothing to do with your story relentlessly went after this woman. Agree with her or not she was publicly defamed by a vile scumbag and then you chose to use the same vile words. You lost all credibility as a decent human with me since you only see one side or only choose to bring up what you want as it makes your side look better. I am not your one sided person I choose truth and the only way we can do this is to be honest. This is not about women wanting tax payers to pay for contraceptives it`s about insurance companies not wanting to pay for them anymore, but still pay for viagra. What happens if your kids develop a medical problem that insurance companies say they don`t want to pay for will you feel different.

        Now to what you were saying about GOP imploding Yes I agree and the reason is All the crazy lies and non issues they choose to run on.

  • We Americans who know better are going to get the government the rest of America deserves.

  • And of course, Barb missed the whole point of the discussion. I just wish for once women would wake up to the well documented carcinogenic Birth control pills as well as the other killer side effects. Any other “drug” would be long gone off the market. May I mention, there are other forms of B.C?

  • Hey doesn’t everyone know that birth control is far more important that the economy, terrorism, the Constitution, gas prices, and life itself.

    Egads people, femizazi activists and their pills are far more important than any of those things, or you. Get used to it, it’s the narrative of the now.

  • Barb Hartwell

    Calling people sluts do not help anything I missed nothing and yes there is more important issues but it is the Republicans who made it an issue and Rush limbaugh who went on about it for three days relentlessly bashing a woman. I call this bullying plain and simple. Nobody liked it when Sarah Palin`s daughter was attacked when she found herself pregnant and many left wing media told their listeners not to attack her as it was wrong and I agree. When people exercise their rights we do not have to agree but we do not have to go over board and trash them. Especially when they are just average citizens and not public figures.

    • admin

      Uh…Palin is being attacked to this day. Did you hear about the HBO movie? Never have I seen such a sustained attack on a public figure, even after leaving office. Yeah, they love attacking Palin’s daughter. Not sure where you got the “nobody liked it.” Media adored it.

      • Barb Hartwell

        So sorry bad choose of words the good people did not like it when Sarah`s daughter was attacked, and no I did not see the movie and won`t Sarah herself though put herself in this She attacks, without facts all the time and she is getting back what she put in. Her daughter should be left alone.

        Not all media adored it many spoke up for her.

  • bluzsingr

    Here here Barb. Conservatives don’t want to pay for contraception, a $20 pack of pills is much better than paying for a freaking lifetime of welfare, food stamps, daycare for the single muuuuther to go get a minimum wage job, medicaid, section 8 etc. This has honestly been one of the most ridiculous conversations I have EVER witnessed. All the men should get the F-out of women’s uteruses and mind their own business. I wish there was a male pill, that they could pay for, so that these young fools could take it and if they don’t, they could be held responsible for all the costs associated with knocking up teen chickies and out of wedlock births…instead the stupid fool men are bitching so that the tax payers and themselves (via taxes and child support) get to pay for their mistakes for the rest of their lives.

    • admin

      Your contempt for men has been noted. Apparently you have broader issues beyond the scope of this post.

      • Barb Hartwell

        Now who is being contemptuous This started when RJjdgq called a woman who I am almost positive he does not know a slut. He never had to put her into this article but he did and others responded. Feminazi`s oh where did I hear this one before? Was it Rush or Beck because they choose to speak up on what is important to them just like you do. Some of the posters here thought attacking instead of debating with facts was the best way to resolve things and that is what is wrong with the Republican party right now. They are not coming up with facts to debate. Most of the things they attack about turn out to be lies if anyone ever decides to check. Whoever came up with this way of campaigning, may thought he or she was onto something, but it sure is proving it is all wrong in the end. None of these candidates can keep their stories straight because they are all made up.

      • bluzsingr

        Yep, rjjrdq I have nothing but contempt for men who think that they can dictate what happens inside a woman’s body. And now you’ve assured me that you are one of them with your attack on me that came out of left field. I wasn’t attacking you personally, but apparently it hit a bit close to home, aye? This incident has assured me that following your blog is a waste of time anyway.

        If men have a right to a say in what happens inside a woman’s body then men should be banned from marrying or having relations with child brides or any woman who is 20 years or younger than they are. They should also be castrated for rape and child molest. Men cause so many issues in this world, yet women, abortion and birth-control are treated as the enemy. Ridiculous. It doesn’t shock me at all that women do hate men, they have good reason.

        And incidentally, I don’t hate men and I’m pretty certain my issues are nowhere near the level that yours are. I’m happily married many years now to a wonderful man and I’m raising good men too. Men who will grow up to be more than a whiny simpleton blogger like you.

  • You are correct, they are imploding. They are going to hand this election over to Barack on a silver platter. Isn’t it amazing?

    • admin

      I’m glad it’s not just me that sees this. All those heads put together, all those strategists and they just can’t get it right. Amazing all right.

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