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Republicans Using Twitter to Court Illegal Aliens

Republicans figure they have their base in the bag. Who are you going to vote for? A Democrat? As a result, the Repubs can kick the American citizen to the curb and focus on the votes they really need: the illegal alien. It will take many nails to seal the coffin of the United States, and this is one of them.

House Republicans (That would be Boehner & Co.) have launched a new Twitter feed-in Spanish. Panicked by the fact that 71 percent of Hispanic voters went for Barack Obama in November, the GOP has decided to shamelessly pander to the illegal alien crowd. After all, a home grown Hispanic or even a legal immigrant should have at least some grasp of the English language. Not so of illegal aliens. For those that are able to read, the GOP has a message for them on Twitter.

Bienvenidos a la página oficial de Twitter de la Conferencia Republicana de la Cámara de Representantes de los Estados Unidos.

Let me see, my Spanish is a little rusty but basically it says Welcome to the official Twitter page of the Republican Conference of the House of Representatives of the United States. Or some reasonable facsimile of that. What kind of messages they have planned is anyone’s guess, but if your target audience is illegal aliens, tough border security and deportation probably won’t be on the agenda.

That brings up a point. Why bother? If you’re the party of law and order, if you’re the party of strong border security, what could you possibly say to an illegal alien that would mean anything to them? Well, we know that the Republicans are not a party of strong border security and when it came to law and order, they were virtually silent. Just ask Arizona or any of the other several states that enacted tough anti-illegal alien laws only to see them gutted by activist judges. As far as border security, George Bush would tell you what a bunch of hogwash that is. So would John McCain and Lindsay Graham. Add Marco Rubio to the ever growing list. But all those guys can counter with presenting the American people with the alternative: Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, the Hispanic Caucus and the list goes on. Either way, the American people lose.

There is no bright spot, but if I were to concoct one out of thin air it is that Republicans know any kind of amnesty will benefit the Democrats-by far. They would need to find a way to attract illegal alien voters while not alienating their base to such a degree that they would just stay home election day. Good luck. Such is the life of a panderer.

I’m sure the GOP will find a way to drive another nail into the coffin of the United States. Unfortunately for them, they may be sealing their own fate at the same time.

8 comments to Republicans Using Twitter to Court Illegal Aliens

  • Let’s see. The Democrats are offering freebies and the Republicans are offering hard work and personal responsibility. Looks like the Demorats will control Washington forever.

  • This is the new America you have been warning us about and we are seeing it come to fruition right before our eyes.

  • What can one say to someone who has stood in line doing everything by the book? My mother patiently waited her turn. I cannot tell you what a slap in the face this is to those that are not committing a criminal act. Oops, it will no longer be considered a criminal act to crash the line, right?

  • barbintheboonies

    It`s the same old story same old song and dance my friends. It`s all about the money and nothing else. Long Not so long after these greedy so and so`s are dead and buried our kids and our kids` kids will need to clean up after them. We paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

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