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RINO McCain Rebuts Ted Cruz

Just when you thought that John McCain couldn’t get any more RINO than he is, he manages to top himself. Once again, he has shown his disdain not only for the Republican party, but for the American people as well. Sounds like the kind of guy Harry Reid could work with. Wouldn’t you know…

As Ted Cruz fought the lonely, but good fight in his effort to derail the Obamacare freight train, he realized all along that he had foes not just on the left, but from those that have infiltrated and entrenched themselves on the right. Other than Mike Lee showing up with a latte now and then, Ted Cruz created a filibuster out of thin air to bring attention to the pending disaster that is Obamacare. Ted Cruz filibustered until senate rules wouldn’t allow it anymore. But with all the fire Cruz brought to this fight, Harry Reid and pals had a plan to extinguish it in a humiliating fashion. Enter the RINO.

With time ticking down, Reid asked Cruz if he would yield some of his time to John McCain. An odd request seeing that McCain is ostensibly a Republican. Cruz wasn’t fooled though. Cruz said he would be done speaking prior to the time slot Reid was asking for. Flustered, Reid tried to convince Cruz that indeed he had an extra hour and would he…yield to John McCain. Cruz said he would be done at noon and after that, there would be no reason to ask him to yield anything. Cruz wouldn’t budge, and although Harry Reid was down, he was by no means out.

For those of you that still believe John McCain is a Republican, get a load of this. After Cruz was done speaking, the Dems had 15 minutes of time-and they gave it to John McCain. You saw that right. The Democrats yielded time to John McCain and they were not disappointed. Propped up at the podium, McCain lauded himself for fighting so hard to defeat Obamacare. At the same time, he lauded Democrats for having a fair and open debate. You are correct, he was referring to debate on the same bill that Nancy Pelosi said we would have to pass before we knew what was in it. The reconciliation issue never came up. Go figure. Instead, when the bill finally passed, according to McCain it was much to the discomfort of…some of my colleagues. Not him, he wasn’t uncomfortable, but others in the senate were.

He then launched into a lecture on democracy and that the majority party basically gets their way so get over it. He stood up there and in a matter of minutes blasted everything Ted Cruz was standing for, even taking a swipe at Cruz without mentioning his name. While bragging how hard he worked to defeat and fix Obamacare (not sure how you do both at the same time), he mentioned that there are some in the senate now that were not there for the fight. No they weren’t John. Dems at their necks, RINO’s at their back-it would have been quite ugly.

I don’t want to hear that McCain ultimatey voted against the bill. He knew it would lose so he was safe. Harry Reid gave him the opportunity to say what he really felt, and much to the delight of senate Democrats, he said it.

It would be tough enough to take back the senate in 2014, and even tougher to take the White House in 2016. With guys like John McCain trolling around it might be impossible. He has friends on both sides of the aisle. Reid was just giddy. Chuck amnesty Schumer thanked McCain for his “outstanding” remarks. They know what McCain is. Can he make it any more clear to the rest of us?

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