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RINO’s Step Up For Obama

If John McCain and Lindsey Graham do not fit the definition of RINO, then there is no such term. If there is no such term, then these two are absolutely, without a doubt Democrats. Not the fighting for the little man myth of a Democrat, but hardcore Obama Democrats. In fact, they’re working for their president right now.

After months of seeming to do nothing, the Obama regime is now outraged with the news that Bashir Assad of Syria has resorted to chemical weapon use against his people. If Ambassador Stevens were still here he might have another take on Obama’s seeming indifference on Syria. The chemical weapons are another story. So far, we have only Obama’s word that chemical weapons have been used at all. Remember Bush lied, people died? Now it’s Obama’s turn, and so far, we have only his word.

For those that haven’t been following the Syrian conflict there are plenty of sources out there to get you up to date. This post is about Obama’s biggest supporters stepping up when needed. John McCain and Lindsey Graham met with Obama on Labor Day and came away from the meeting feeling as if Obama has a valid scheme for the war torn country. Right now, Obama plans to lob a few cruise missiles and not much else. Graham seems to believe that there is more on the way.

“For the first time, I understand what happens after the smoke clears,” Graham said, adding that Obama presented them with a “pretty solid plan to upgrade the opposition.”

We don’t know what that plan is, but there are some things that we do know. The opposition that Graham speaks so fondly of is made up of probably some Syrian freedom fighters, but also elements of al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and…the Muslim Brotherhood. Remember the now infamous photo-op McCain had with some of those elements? In the words of John Bolton, there’s more than two pieces to this puzzle.

So when Lindsey Graham talks about upgrading the opposition, he is talking about some of the scurviest elements on the globe. That is who stands to take power if Assad is removed. But you may argue that Assad is a monster, a murderer, the worst kind of evil. Well, he is, but this isn’t some movie where the good guys dethrone the bad guys. Sometimes it’s the bad guys fighting each other, and that’s what we have here. There is absolutely no benefit to doing anything in Syria, which is contrary to John McCain’s wishes for a significant strike. More like embroiling America in yet another war. McCain and Graham are no friends to the United States.

I’ve talked about John McCain before. I believe he harbors deep resentment against the United States for leaving him in the Hanoi Hilton for five years. His policies look like payback for the U.S. I don’t know what’s wrong with Graham. But we do know this: Both want unchecked open borders, unbridled amnesty, and to have the United States sloshing around in the Middle East for years to come, supporting the very elements that would do us harm. Add global warming to Graham’s resume. If anybody thinks those things are in the interest of America, please set me straight.

Remember the next time pundits say that Republicans only need x amount of seats to take back the senate. Not all of those Republicans are actually what they say they are. Here’s two of them right here. It’s worse that it looks, and it looks bad.

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