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Romney Hispanders for Univision

And Barry will be coming right behind him. We already know where Mitt Romney stands on immigration, and to his credit he didn’t waffle on that Wednesday. I don’t agree with his positions, but I give him props for sticking to his beliefs. Oh, sure, he did the political pandering dance, but in the end, his position remained the same, much to the chagrin of the open borders advocates that were grilling him. What it amounts to is either nothing will get done (business as usual), or Romney will do something half-assed and nobody will be happy.

In what is now a compulsory pandering maneuver for any presidential candidate, Mitt Romney sat down with two goons from Univision, and as you can guess, the questions had little to do with America as a whole and everything to do with la raza. The forum took place at BankUnited Center of the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, an Obama stronghold, as most universities are. Host Jorge Ramos tried to convince us that the crowd was full of Republican college students. Nice try George.

Ramos started the questioning with the 47 percent statement. He said Romney’s mom was on welfare in 1962. Yes, he had to go back to ’62. Mitt ignored the slap and doubled down on his original statement. He’s not going to get everybody’s vote, so he’s focusing on the votes he can get. A little dose of reality for Jorge.

But Ramos wasn’t that bad actually. But his sidekick, Maria Elena Salinas, just oozed reconquistress, and that was her focus. She pounded Romney with the DREAM Act crowd. Romney-correctly so, reminded her and everybody else there that Obama was unstoppable his first two years and could have easily passed amnesty. He never filed a bill. Salinas didn’t care about that, she wanted to know about the DREAM deferrments. Romney reiterated what every politician does, the immigration system is broken and needs to be reformed. To answer Salinas’ question, he mentioned Marco Rubio’s disastrous proposal to offer his own amnesty. Apparently, Salinas didn’t hear him, because Rubio’s bill was pretty specific. She chided Romney for not being specific.

But, with all due respect, you are reluctant to provide details on a permanent solution that perhaps signifies you are evading the question.

What would you tell Hispanic voters right now regarding this important issue? All the DREAMERs want to know: if you become president, are you going to deport them or not? Yes or no.

Romney went into further scenarios where possible amnesty could be granted. Higher education degrees, military service, etc. He referenced Rubio’s bill again.

So that’s your answer? You’re going to allow them to stay?

Romney said he was going to fix the problem. Apparently, that fix doesn’t include any suggestions from Salinas. Ramos tried to come to the rescue by bringing up Romney’s comments about self-deportation and SB 1070. That got a rise out of the “Republican” crowd.

Romney swatted him away as well. Self-deportation is people making their own choices is how he put it. As for Arizona’s SB 1070, he basically said that if the feds were doing their job there never would have been an SB 1070. It sounded like he was trying to explain something to a child who just didn’t understand. The reality was that Ramos and Salinas wanted Romney to promise to blow the border wide open, guaranteeing la raza will be in the White House the next few election cycles. Of course, we know that’s exactly what Obama is going to promise.

There’s no use pretending it’s anything else. Both Ramos and Salinas must realize that taking the working age population out of a country will destroy it. Case in point, Mexico. The plan is to move Mexico here and hit the restart button. Unfortunately for them, the original problem of why Mexico is a failed state is not being addressed. Ethnic focus guarantees the best and brightest will never rise in those societies. That’s why Mexico will never win a World Cup, that’s why they’ll have to lay back and be pummelled by drug cartels, that’s why they’ll never be anything but a slash and burn culture. Instead of using available resources to better themselves (and they have plenty), they just consume until those resources are exhausted and then move to find another resource. In this case the United States is that next resource. The resources they are consuming is a nation state that could have easily been part of the G8. They have the potential resources.

Can you imagine Romney sitting down with some news outlet and they pepper him with questions like, what are you going to do for white people? No, that would never happen. But ethnocentrists like Ramos and Salinas get a free pass. Well, anybody who isn’t white gets a pass.

Unfortunately, that is the future of America. There’s no way around the numbers. Unless there is miraculous reawakening by Hispanics, you can expect the United States be third world within a few generations, even though what has been shown to work, what has shown to be a successful system is staring them in the face. Romney knows that, so he’s in a position of dancing between the old and new America. I could go all night. Just slow the decline Mitt. That’s all we can expect from you.

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