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Scope of Corruption Grows for Obama Regime

How much longer before the American people become truly outraged? Sure, there is a significant uproar over the IRS’ targeting of American patriots. But is that just a blip on the radar of the average American? It better not be, because the Obama regime wants to control every moment of your life. Decimating a free press would be a good place them to start.

Just days after the AP revealed that the Justice Department had tapped some of their phone lines and gathered phone records of their journalists, it has now been revealed that the Obama regime monitored a Fox News reporter as he investigated a story involving a leak of classified material.

James Rosen of Fox was named a co-conspirator in a case involving leaks of national defense information. Stephen Jin-Woo Kim has been charged but as of yet Rosen has not.

An FBI agent said in the 2010 affidavit that there was “probable cause to believe” that Rosen broke the law “as an aider and abettor and/or co-conspirator.”

They tracked Rosen’s security badge as he came and went at the State Department. They got a warrant to seize his e-mails. With the number of judges Obama has appointed, that wasn’t very hard to do. They also traced the timing of his phone calls to the suspect in this case. So far, we have no reason to believe that they actually tapped his phone lines…

2010 and Rosen has yet to actually be charged with anything. If there actually were any leaks of information obviously Rosen didn’t get any of it or he would be sitting in jail right now. With the IRS and the AP scandal on the front page right now, the likelihood that an unwarranted attack on Rosen will happen is slim. Lucky for Rosen because if these scandals had not broke, Rosen might be looking at jail time for crimes that may or may not have actually occurred.

We know about the AP, we know about Rosen, but who else out there is being spied upon by this regime? This particular case should have a chilling effect on free press because a reporter is being targeted for actually doing his job: reporting.

It won’t help being in the tank for Obama. the AP found that out the hard way. True to his vision, Barack Obama wants to control every aspect of society via the all seeing eye of a massive central government and if they want your opinion, they’ll give you one.

We can debate what is worse. That Obama is being the kind of big government dictator that we all knew he was anyway, or is so clueless that he doesn’t even know what is happening under his nose. Personally I think it’s a combination. Obama is probably following some kind of blueprint, and it is conceivable that things are going on independent of Obama’s ok. Although he may not have had direct knowledge of the case against Rosen, it’s almost impossible to imagine that he had no idea what was happening at the IRS-and the AP, and Fast and Furious, and ACORN.

I take that back. Barack Obama knows damn well what’s going on. You have to choose Barry, you’re either a criminal and should be removed from office, or so feeble minded that you can’t comprehend what is happening right in front of you. Well, maybe he is both. Tear apart the greatest nation the world has ever known with breathtaking proficiency in an attempt to rebuild it with an ideology that in it’s implementation is a failure. Yeah, he’s both.

7 comments to Scope of Corruption Grows for Obama Regime

  • Yes, zero does know. In my business, turning a blind eye is tacitly allowing the deed to go on. No difference. He might be playing golf, but make no mistake this assclown knows exactly what is going on. His only commitment is to make sure that he can find a way to cover his ass.

  • And now CBS’s Sheryl Attkinson is claiming the government is looking into her has well, the scandals just keep on growing!

  • For some liberals, like Lois Lerner, they are so into their ideology, it is like a religion to them. They see themselves and what they do as being virtuous. After all, conservatism is evil and they are fighting that evil. Obama, however, does know what he is doing is wrong. He just doesn’t care.

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