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Scott Brown Selling Out?

I understand the district Scott Brown (R-MA) is coming from: A liberal bastion with a seat that Ted amnesty Kennedy held for decades. But he ran on a platform of not following the current liberal agenda. Was it all a ruse?

Brown stated last week that he wants to work with Democrats on comprehensive immigration reform. This is the same guy that said he would push for restrictions on illegal immigration and considered aspects of the DREAM Act to be amnesty. Then again, his Senate site stating his position on immigration begins with, “We are a nation of immigrants…” Always makes be suspicious. He now is willing to work with Democrats who have no interest in compromise at all. Luis Gutierrez made that pretty clear in a statement after his closed door strategy meeting with Barack Obama last week.

Harry Reid has promised to push the DREAM Act. Nancy Pelosi has called illegal aliens patriots while lambasting ICE agents that apprehend them. The Justice Department has torn into Arizona for daring to pass a law that would combat illegal immigration. Joe Arpaio has been stripped of federal authority to make immigration arrests, and is being investigated by the Justice Department at the same time for human rights abuses. The State Department has turned in Arizona to the United Nations, referencing SB 1070. The Department of Homeland Security is turning loose illegal aliens by the thousands because their crimes don’t meet the threshold of seriousness to warrant deportation. Sanctuary cities are ignored. State of the art country club detention centers are being built for the few illegal aliens that actually do warrant arrest. Illegal aliens are openly campaigning for the very politicians that would debate reform. States issue driver’s licenses for illegal aliens with impunity. The TSA spends their days in grandma’s crotch while illegal aliens obtain pilots licenses and fly American skies. School kids are not allowed to display the American flag for fear of an ethnic uprising. Yet Scott Brown indicates that he wants to negotiate with these people.

Is he that obtuse, or is he just trying quiet his critics? After all, there have been pro amnesty protesters outside his office demanding he do something. It’s hard to say, but we can go by what he’s done so far in the Senate. He just voted for cloture on S.510, the Food Safety Modernization Act that would devastate the small food grower and allow Homeland Security to dictate what you could grow and sell from your backyard. Yes, the same Homeland Security that boasts the TSA. You can’t make this up.

Scott Brown needs to understand that the left has an agenda, and there is no compromise. In case he hasn’t noticed, the Democrats have made that very clear, and will do anything they want if they don’t need Republican votes. Compromising with them is just playing into their hands. Saying no is what got him elected. Maybe a quick fax or e-mail will remind Brown of what got him elected in the first place. It wasn’t being like Kennedy. He was elected because he was not like Kennedy.

Sure, I can accept rookie mistakes, but the American people need to step in and point out those mistakes when they’re made. You can contact Scott here.

8 comments to Scott Brown Selling Out?

  • I l isten to quite a bit of Boston talk radio, and Scott Brown goes on it often to explain his views. I can tell you this, there are alot of people that voted for him in Massachusetts that are upset with him because of a number of his votes. He said on the radion that he has voted with Democrats 25% of the time but not one Democrat has voted with him once. That should be all that he needs to know about compromising with the Democrats. The problem is that he is from Massachusetts and he needs to be further to the left than most Republicans if he wants to be re-elected and that is what he is positioning himself for. He ran as a “Massachusetts Republican” and we are beginning to find out what that means–Democrat-lite.

  • A Collins/Snowe clone?

  • Brown was a Conservative as we could get in Massachusetts. He is making a mistake if he thinks that compromising with the left will earn him a reprieve from being savaged by the Democrats when he runs for re-election.

  • Well, he does come from a state that thinks Deval Patrick is a competent governor. He may have no choice but to ride the fence. We’ll see in the next Congress what side he comes down on.

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  • Matt is right, Scott Brown was the only type of conservative that could have gotten elected in Massachusetts, he was never a conservative in the true sense of the word. He is a moderate and during the election he made it clear that her would not vote in lock step with the Republicans. He may not be the perfect conservative but the other option was Martha Coakley who stated during the campaign that it “wasn’t illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.” And she is the AG!
    I am not happy with him, but considering where he is from, he is the best we could have done.

  • admin

    True, having Coakley would have been a rubber stamp for Obama.

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