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Senate Democrats Manhandling Republicans

The word on the hill is that if Republicans don’t cave and fund Obama’s DHS amnesty scheme that they will be blamed by the people and pay for it at the polls. Where have we heard that before?

Back in 2013 the government was partially shutdown for 16 days over funding fight that centered around Obamacare. Republicans eventually folded and Barry got his boondoggle fully funded. The argument at the time was that Republicans would be blamed for the shutdown and 2014 would be a disaster, even to the point of Democrats retaking control of the House. Of course, we know what happened. A historic ass kicking by the Repubs not only increased their numbers in the House, but gave them the Senate. Fast forward to 2015 where a DHS bill that includes Obama’s illegal amnesty funding is on the table. If not funded this week the DHS will be running on empty and workers will be paid-yes, they will be paid later. If you listen to the mainstream media, they make it sound like all homeland security ceases if this bill doesn’t pass. Not true. But it is the Republicans, even more so than the Democrats, that are warning of dire consequences of the bill not making it through the Senate.

The House has already sent a bill to the Senate for review. Apparently, the Senate needs 60 votes the move the bill forward, something they’ll never get. But they have options, as Harry Reid demonstrated in 2013.

As majority leader in 2013, Sen. Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) eliminated filbusters for most executive branch nominations, a maneuver known as the “nuclear option,” which drew widespread criticism from Republicans.

All McConnell has to do is ditch the rule that the Dems had no problem doing when they were in control. Remember the passing of Obamacare? Maybe Mitch McConnell doesn’t understand that if you play by the rules and the other side is cheating, you will lose. That’s what is happening now. But instead of flexing the muscle given to them by the voters, Senate Republicans are starting to call for folding once again, in essence rewarding Obama’s illegal actions-once again. The same old faces are in the forefront too. Lindsay gramnesty Graham is warning the GOP will pay dearly for not passing what the Democrats are referring to as a clean bill, complete with Obama’s executive criminality. Legalizing illegal aliens, putting them to work, rewarding them with tax credits and ushering in family members from their home country somehow doesn’t sound like homeland security to me. In fact, it sounds like homeland insecurity. But we know that gang of 8 Graham wants that amnesty to go through. He is well aware of the demographic engineering taking place in this country and apparently thinks he’s going to benefit from it. Well, he may in the short term, but for conservatives that come after him it will be a wasteland of third world socialism, cheered, fought for and championed by the likes of Graham. Yes, he is testing the waters for a possible presidential run. God help us.

We thought that Republicans could at least now send bills to Obama’s desk and dare him to veto. Now we get this, and it is Republicans blaming themselves with an eloquence that the Democrats could never muster. Barack Obama has broken every law and presidential protocol he could get his hands on. Harry Reid has done the same in the Senate. But when the Republicans finally gain power in Congress, they see themselves as hamstrung by the Democrats and admonish themselves for their self imposed impotence. Yes, there are those holding firm, like the Ted Cruz’ of the Senate, but those men and women are pariahs in the Republican party, with a target on their back the size of Mitch McConnell’s ego.

So, does the DHS get defunded-only to be funded at a later date, or do the Republicans fold once again? You can guess what I think. Mitch McConnell can put the House bill on Obama’s desk today. Is he man enough to stand up to the brazen criminality that is the Obama regime? I doubt it.

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  • It’s so easy when there are so many do nothings that will sit and stare into space. I don’t understand why we have so many spineless congresscritters. I guess I’m just old and from another era.

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