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Senate Republicans Fold On Debt Ceiling

Slowly the myth of two parties in Washington is becoming painfully apparent. Either that, or Republicans are so spineless that they may as well not exist. You decide.

Just hours after house Republicans folded and helped pass a clean budget resolution, the senate followed up with a cloture vote-with some Republican help. Ted Cruz was having none of it and threatened a filibuster, but 12 RINO’s stood in his way. He couldn’t get through.

If you have to even ask who those 12 were, just use your imagination. Mitch McConnell, the cantankerous minority leader and his sidekick, minority whip John Cornyn led the way. The other 10 were cut from the same cloth.

Ten fellow Republicans then followed suit: John Barrasso of Wyoming, Susan Collins of Maine, Bob Corker of Tennessee, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Orrin G. Hatch of Utah, Mike Johanns of Nebraska, Mark S. Kirk of Illinois, John McCain of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and John Thune of South Dakota.

Remember, McCain and Thune actually had designs on the White House at one point. Wrap your mind around that.

This clears the way for Barack Obama to use that trusty pen and sign what amounts to a continuing resolution. Not an actual budget, but an increase in the debt ceiling with a vague promise to address the actual budget some other time. Fortunately, it looks like cuts for military veterans will be restored in separate bill. Apparently, that was the only thing they could think of cutting in Washington. Not the $30 billion of waste Tom Coburn rooted out, or the estimated 100-200 billion the GAO found. Republicans were too scared to even bring those things up, and Democrats will never bring anything up that reduces the size of government. That brings us to today, where out of control spending continues.

We keep hearing that eventually hard choices will have to be made. I’ve just outlined some easy ones, courtesy Senator Coburn and the GAO. That should make the hard choices a little more palatable. But with RINO’s like McConnell in the senate and Boehner in the house, the odds of ever arriving at those hard choices is pretty slim. Leave it for the next generation, for the next crop of politicians. This pack of clowns won’t have any trouble paying their bills. They’ll get along no matter what the economy looks like.

Good luck contacting these politicians if they don’t serve your district. It is set up to make it very difficult. I think you can make phone calls or send faxes. I’m sure one of their staffers will get the message to their boss regarding your discontent with them. Then again, seeing how much they care about the folks that are in their district, your efforts may just an exercise in civic futility.

11 comments to Senate Republicans Fold On Debt Ceiling

  • My guess is that they would tell us their strategy is not to give the Democrats any clubs to beat them with before the mid-term elections. This way they can continue to beat on the Democrats with their ObamaCare club and, thereby, have a great victory in November. And, if they do get a big win in November, which they might, they will take credit for keeping the conservatives in their place and they can go back to business as usual. We are screwed, my friend!

    • They obviously don’t understand the phenomena of voting against someone rather than for someone else. Republicans have done little to endear anyone to them.

  • They should have included no bailout for insurance companies regarding obamacare. That would have been something to see Obama veto it.

  • At least military pensions might be restored, but both parties will not want to see the other party get credit so this could go the way of the medical device tax where one party votes against it so the other party doesn’t get credit for it.
    In the end there is only one party and that is the ruling class party.

  • Spineless is very polite rj.

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