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Sexual Harassment At ICE Exposed

As if the case for smaller, more accountable government hadn’t already been made over the last 3+ years, we have yet another episode of malfeasance that only came to light when victims were forced to put their careers on the line. We are continually lectured about tolerance and acceptance and routinely lambasted for not laying down for every social experiment that comes our way. Instead of moving forward and embarking on a course correction away from the sins of the past, we now just have more of the same spread out over a more varied demographic selection. We could have guessed that anything Janet Napolitano was running would have some kind of bias against men, but previously, that would have been conjecture, unfounded allegations. Well, look what was just found.

When I first heard about this story I hesitated to comment, figuring there was a pretty good chance that these were just disgruntled employees whining about not getting what they wanted. If that’s the case, then there are so many disgruntled employess in the wings that it has caused a shakeup at ICE.

Suzanne Barr, chief of staff to ICE Director John Morton has stepped down after a third independent lawsuit was filed against ICE, alleging sexual harassment. Historically these kinds of cases involved men harrassing women. Not in Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security though. Barr is accused of making sexual advances toward the plaintiffs. Not that the advances were legitimate though. She was just making the offer(s). We used to call that teasing, but when your boss is doing the teasing, it rises to another level.

There are also allegations that men were transferred to less desirable posts so that women-who were unqualfied for certain positions could be installed instead. I’m not familiar with ICE hierarchy, so I can just assume that where the men were transferred and the jobs they coveted were as described. Amid denials of any wrongdoing, Barr has stepped down.

Not being on the scene I can only speculate, but quitting prior to any investigation seems very unusual. Given the fact that she likely has the support of Janet Napolitano, whom she has known and worked with all the way back to Napolitano’s days as governor of Arizona, It doesn’t make political sense to quit when the potential to cover up so much potential wrong doing exists.

With no restraints of political correctness, I can give my opinion. Barr, like Napolitano is gay, and a man-hater. There are likely many more gay women in positions at ICE that have no business being there. This is not an indictment against gay women. This is exposure of a cabal within ICE. Given the abject failure at the highest levels of ICE to provide any semblance of border security, promotion based on gender and sexual preference is a recipe for disaster that we see in action right now. Barr saw what was coming and got out before it all hit the fan. It may hit the fan anyway. Peter King has already indicated that he will thoroughly investigate this and ICE in general. If Barr thinks she can hide…she’s wrong. If congress calls on you then you must answer. You can plead the 5th, but you must answer.

As if the failures at ICE were not already documented in stomach turning detail on this blog, the exposure of a misandral frat house operating at the highest levels of the agency is deeply disturbing and at the same time clarifying. These are the folks that are responsible for securing our borders and our ports of entry. I won’t detail them here, but you can look up what the lawsuits entail exactly and understand why nothing substantive is getting done at ICE, and Homeland Security in general. We’ll see what Peter King digs up. Every shovel stuck in the Obama regime has netted something.

4 comments to Sexual Harassment At ICE Exposed

  • I happen to agree with your assessment, both about this case and about Napolitano and Barr. This is what happens when you seek to fill positions based on quotas before considering if the person is qualified or not.

  • A real girls frat house some have called. I worry the same thing is going to take place in our military. How long will it be before there are complaints that the gays and transgender folks are not fully represened in the higher ranks of the military including the Pentagon?

    • Well, there are already complaints that minorities are not “adequately” represented in higher positions. Military demographics don’t bear that out, but the complaints have started anyway.

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