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Shooting Tragedy in Santa Monica Raises Questions

Yet another shooting tragedy has occurred, giving gun control advocates more ammunition if you will to support their position. What happened in Santa Monica on Friday was not only terrible on the surface, but has some underlying details that raises questions as to whether this was some lone nut case-or something else.

A crazed gunman went on a rampage in Santa Monica on Friday, with the death toll between four and six. More on that in a minute. John Zawahri, apparently killed his father and brother and then proceeded to go on a shooting rampage that culminated in a fatal shootout with police at Santa Monica college. Police had dealt with Zawahri in the past, and apparently this guy was known to have mental problems. Sound familiar?

Those are the facts. We know those things happened. It’s the details that came afterward that are in question. In the heat of an event like this, facts come fast and loose it’s no surprise when initial reports are false. The Santa Monica police chief said that there were at least six dead, but that number changed to four the next day. Now the number seems to have settled at five. Again, those kinds of numbers almost always change. But in this case those numbers may be very important. The chief also said that there may have been more than one shooter. The story now is that there was just the lone gunman. Well, those kinds of reports can change as well. True, they can…

Video shows the gunman entering the library at the college. The video is a litte blurry, but he clearly is dressed in military or tactical police unit garb. In the video, he is wearing military style boots and kneepads.

Apparently the police confronted him immediately inside the library and Zawahri was killed in the shootout. Police photos though, show Zawahri outside and deceased. This would mean that he was killed in the library, and then dragged outside for some unknown reason. Now we have reports that he was killed near the library, even though those same reports have him firing his weapon inside the library. It gets even more inconsistent though. The photo of the dead suspect outside shows him with his shoes removed. Shoes, not the military style boots he was wearing when he entered the library. He was also missing the kneepads. There was also no sign of blood on or around the suspect. In fact, there was no one around him at all in the photo.

Remember that the police chief initially said that there may be more than one shooter. The death toll changed over the ensuing hours, but…so did the suspect’s attire. Why would that be?

Without further evidence, I can give my opinion, based solely on media reports and official law enforcement conclusions. The last thing Barack Obama wants now is yet another terror attack on his watch. Zawahri, of Lebanese descent, may have been a Muslim. Remember, the chief said that there may have been more shooters. There was certainly more clothing, at least as far as shoes go. Did the police also kill at least one other suspect and then disappeared him to make it look like a lone gunman gone mad? Witnesses also said the guy had a shotgun. Not according to police photos. The media put an AR-15 in his hands almost immediately. How you confuse those two weapons is anybody’s guess. Well, you wouldn’t. Then again, he may not have been a Muslim, or even if he was it may have had nothing to do with this rampage. It might be worth checking out though, unless you don’t want the American people to know that it happened again.

On a good traffic day this area is about 25 minutes away. It wasn’t some town I’ve never seen. I’ve been there, I’ve walked those streets. Santa Monica is a seaside community, very liberal and many homeless folks living there due to some of the services they provide. I’m not knocking any of that, I’m just describing the area. When something like this happens on the homefront, you want answers, and you ultimately want closure. With the evidence I’ve seen so far, we have neither of those.

5 comments to Shooting Tragedy in Santa Monica Raises Questions

  • I was wondering why there wasn’t non stop coverage. Thanks, now I know now.

  • Rj, we will never know. If he had been a Bible toting bitter clinger, well that would have been an entirely different story.

  • Petermc3

    Well golly gee Andy, maybe that thar’ deranged killer wuz one of them thar’ mooslims.
    Well no Barn, he was jes’ protecting his family’s honor. You know Barn, his father and brother cut down their prayin’ to three times a day and the mosqque was all abuzz so that thar’ young lad stepped up and did the right thing.

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