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South Carolina Implodes

Of course, it is an open primary, so it’s hard to tell who actually voted. On the other hand, the entire nation was duped in 2008, so how difficult would it be to dupe a single state? Newt Gingrich could tell you, because with the tons of baggage that he lugs around, duping potential voters is the only way he could win anything.

As the results pour in, it looks like Newt Gingrich will take the South Carolina primary in fairly easy fashion. After being left for dead just a few weeks ago in Iowa, Gingrich has pulled a disturbingly McCanian type comeback to take South Carolina and extend this nomination battle to at least one more state. But do the people really like Newt, or is there some other factor? If the exit polls are any indicator, there is definitely another factor.

According to an exit poll conducted by FOX, South Carolina voters feel Newt Gingrich is the man that can defeat Barack Obama. I looked at a few other exit polls, and they’re pretty similar. Sure, Newt would tear Barry apart in a debate, but of course, we know Newt would never get a chance. At least not the Lincoln-Douglas type debates he’s seeking. But, knowing that Obama can’t string together two sentences without a teleprompter, all Newt would likely need is a few conventional debates to make mince meat of Obama. As I understand it, that’s all anyone will get, two debates. And if some kind of crisis should develop between now and November, they may not even get that. In the meantime, all the garbage that Gingrich has collected over the years would be on full display, day after day, after day, after day…

Not that South Carolina voters are unaware of not only the baggage Gingrich has amassed, but the dirty way he does business even now. Of course, they think Romney is even dirtier, maybe going back to Iowa, but then, what do you actually need to make up about Newt Gingrich? The super pac that has Newt’s fingerprints all over it puts out more lies than truth. Looks like it paid off. That’s not the worst of it though.

If South Carolinians didn’t seem dazed and confused enough by giving Gingrich a victory, consider the fact that 90% of Gingrich voters either strongly or somewhat support the tea party movement. Strange, considering Gingrich slammed the tea party and considers it a threat to the good old boys network of current Republican failures. And Newt’s recent fails are well documented. Paul Ryan could tell you. Newt thinks his common sense entitlement restructuring plan is social engineering.. Doug Hoffman could tell you too. Newt supported a raging Democrat masquerading as a Republican in New York. He even asked Rick Santorum to bow out, even when Santorum had Iowa under his belt at the time and Newt had nothing. But the voters think Newt is the guy.

Luckily, with the volatility of this primary, past trends are out the window. I don’t think South Carolina will have a bearing on who the eventual nominee will be, although…voters wanted Gingrich because they think he can win, not necessarily because they like him. That’s something Mitt Romney doesn’t have in his corner. As for Santorum and Paul? They just don’t have the support. They just wouldn’t beat Obama. I don’t think that’s necessarily true, especially in the case of Santorum. Look, conservatives are going to line up behind whoever gets the nomination, and if the exit polls are correct, most people don’t have a big problem with Santorum. He might be more morally conservative than people are comfortable with, but as a candidate, as a man, at least he’s not disliked, which is not the case with either Gingrich or Romney.

It’s realistically down to those two though. Funny, the two that draw the most opposition are also the frontrunners. I don’t think Gingrich can win. His record would be on full display in a general election, and the Obama campaign would make sure a real debate would never happen. Romney is so wishy-washy that he just wouldn’t draw the enthusiasm, although I can’t imagine anyone being undecided between Romney and Obama. I don’t think Romney would break anything. I don’t think he would fix anything to any degree, but at least we wouldn’t have to worry about him transforming the country. If whoever the candidate was just focused on undoing the damage Obama has wrought, that would be good enough for me. That’s all I can expect from a politician.

4 comments to South Carolina Implodes

  • I have to agree, rjjrdq. The results from South Carolina have thrown a monkey wrench right in the middle of the process. I simply can not fathom how someone like Newt Gingrich, with his baggage and past record, could actually win the support of so many of the voters he has trashed in the past. Of course, this is politics, so the answer to that question is anyone’s guess.

  • The problem is that no matter if its Newt or Mitt we are going to be saddled with another moderate/McCain type and I am not sure if either will beat Obama. It is interesting that not many people like either of these two options yet decide to chose between them rather than looking more closely at Paul or Santorum.

    • Remember we talked about all the baggage Obama is carrying around, from the stimulus, to obamacare to fast and furious. The fact that these guys are even close to Obama in the polls is disturbing.

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