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State Department Whistleblower Email Hacked

Is anyone surprised? Just the thought of a whistleblower in any department of government is a potential black eye for the Obama regime. What might be even more explosive is potential news about the likely 2016 White House occupant.

While Ed Snowden languishes in a Russian limbo, news is out that there are even more whistleblowers ready to step forward. Not if the State Department has anything to say about it though. Diplomatic Security Service criminal investigator Richard Higbie was ready to step forward with years of information that details corruption and malfeasance in the State Department. Correct, the very State Department that was overseen by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But Higbie’s Gmail account has been hacked, and years of evidence and correspondence with this attorney have been deleted. If he was smart he would have backed up all that info. It’s not clear if he did just that.

Emails deleted include evidence of misconduct at the highest levels of the State Department. Even worse, those emails include the names of other whistleblowers, who may not have set themselves up with a legal layer of protection like Higbie has.

It was Higbie that helped fellow whistleblower Aurelia Fedenisn expose coverups in the State Department this summer. That included the news that Hillary Clinton’s security detail were buying up hookers and the Belgian ambassador was soliciting children. You saw that right. Covered up. So far, Clinton has been able to distance herself from whistleblower allegations, but apparently, Higbie had information that may have sunk her 2016 chances. That wasn’t going to happen. Just like Benghazi wasn’t going to sink her boat. Just like her praise of Islam wasn’t going to do it. Hillary wants the White House, and there just isn’t an opposing force that has anywhere near the will or power to stop her.

But we have these whistleblowers. Where is congress? Where is Boehner? No doubt Darrel Issa has heard about this, but he has his own problems with the Democrats on his committee trying to derail everything he does. Boehner isn’t much help either.

Remember, the whistleblowers are stepping forward at the risk of their careers, their reputation-or worse. The people being exposed by guys like Higbie are not good people, and there’s no telling what they will do to silence him. We do know that they will hack email accounts. Well, the NSA could have told us that. Snowden left the country. He must be worried about alot more than a hacked email account. I’m not condoning what he did, but I’m not blaming him for what he’s doing now. It’s not friendly Uncle Sam that wants a few words with him. It’s the Obama regime, the NSA, Hillary’s State Department and anybody else that he has the goods on.

If they (whoever “they” is), are scared enough of Higbie to hack his email and delete everything, then they must be petrified of Ed Snowden. What might he release pre-2016? Higbie did it right and look what happened to him. Snowden did it wrong and look at the information we’re getting regarding the NSA. So how do we do this? The crooks certainly aren’t “doing it right.” I’m torn about just how to blow the whistle. What I’m certain about though, is that the whistle needs to be blown. Good luck Richard Higbie.

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