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Supreme Court Delivers Death Blow

We already knew how the four Obama minions were going to vote. We also knew that this would go largely along ideological lines. Well, we thought we knew, but Monday was an indication that things weren’t what they seemed. For the second time this week, the Supreme Court has handed Barack Obama powers no other president has ever had and power he shouldn’t have now.

Just days after the Supreme Court decreed that Barack Obama had the power to not only unilaterally create laws that suited him, but to break existing law as he sees fit, they have granted him the authority to force you to buy anything he wants you to buy. Not only was Arizona’s SB 1070 gutted beyond recognition, but the court held that whatever policy Obama implemented-illegal or not, was supreme to anything the Constitution guaranteed to the states. The bizarre decision left even armchair justices scratching their heads at the logic. After that debacle, what happened today should have been no surprise. The surprise was that the court had to reinvent Obamacare to somehow justify constitutionality.

Defying Obama’s own characterization of the law, the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare constitutional, on the grounds that it is a tax, and thus regulated by the congress that passed it. This flys in the face of Obama’s contention that it was not a tax, although lawyers arguing the case conceded that if you want to call it a tax in order to uphold it, then by all means…

Chief Justice Roberts seemed to implode with his tax logic. If you buy insurance it isn’t a tax, but if you don’t it is? He seems befuddled. Either that, or there is something more going on behind the scenes. After all, two consecutive unconstitutional bombs dropped in one week wreaks of backroom dealing. When I say dealing, I mean making an offer he can’t refuse. You can’t discount the possibility.

Now the federal government has the power to compel you to buy a private product against your will, irregardless whether you ever intend to use that product or not. The government argues that you will use that product, even if you think you won’t. With the precedent in place, what else can the government compel you to buy? A bus pass? You have to travel right? Certainly you will use the bus in the future, even if you say no now…

But Roberts’ logic was that this was a tax. Since it is a forced payment, it can be defined as a tax. However, in this case we are being forced buy something that we may already have. It just may not be in the form the law dictates. What Robert’s has essentially done is call anything the government wants to impose a tax. With this decision there is literally nothing the government can’t take or force you to purchase. It would be a tax. This is the best possible outcome for Obama. The bill passes and he can use the precedent to empty the wallets of every American. That’s not rhetoric, it would be a tax.

I’ve spoken many times of the new America. This isn’t for us folks. This is for the America that is being reengineered and restocked before our eyes. We saw some of it at work earlier this week. America is being replaced with not only a new system of government, but an entirely new population as well. America will be predominantly Spanish speaking within 50 years. This law is for them. We will just suffer through the transition period. Those that won’t know the difference between George Washington and George Bush will be born into this system and never know the difference. America will a be third world ghetto, much worse than Mexico is now. When the money train from the United States runs out, watch and see what becomes of our neighbors to the South. Of course by then, a substantial portion of that population will be here straining an Obamacare system that was flawed from the start. But by the time that becomes apparent, those that pushed this thing, those that had this twisted vision will all be dead. We’ll all be gone as well, but we’ll have to live through the decline of the United States and will exit this plane lamenting what was and what could have been.

Have you seen anything that has even slowed down this steamroller? I haven’t. All the protesting, the throw the bums out, the tea party-all of that and the march towards a third world failure continues unabated.

You have to ask yourself, will you go down swinging, or will you try and save yourself, do what you have to do for your family? It very well may come down to that. You can fight, but if you’re playing by the rules you’re going to lose, and lose badly. You can’t compete with cheaters. And these people are cheaters.

I’ve said before that we really can’t stop the slide at this point, but maybe we can slow it down. A Republican run house holds the purse strings and can throw all kinds of roadblocks in front of Obamacare. But we have John Boehner leading the charge. Are we going to depend on him? On anybody in Washington? Maybe that has been our fault: We’ve depended on Washington to fix the very problems they have caused. We citizens need to step up and start dictating the way things are going to be. Are there enough of us left though? The percentage dwindles daily. After this week that percentage will dwindle even faster and we will be suffering the indignity of providing health insurance to those that will ultimately destroy what used to be America.

8 comments to Supreme Court Delivers Death Blow

  • I have read a lot of conservative pundits who trying to spin this ruling as a victory for conservatives. The only way that is true is if it motivates us to go to the polls and vote the way we should have been voting all along.

    I have tried, but I can not grasp the genius that so many people are placing on Justice Roberts’ decision. He had to redefine the mandate, in order to uphold it. That makes no sense to me.

    • Yes, I that it was odd that Robert’s had to show how wrong Obama was about what this law is in order to tell us how right it is to let stand.

  • You are 100% right, there is now nothing the government can’t make us do because Roberts just gave them a way around the commerce clause. It was a sad day for America and sadly there is nothing we can do about it. Obamacare will never be repealed.

  • I¡m not buying any of the positive spin that some conservatives are claiming. This was judicial activism pure and simple. We have a system of checks and balances for a reason. Roberts betrayed the constitution and the American people. I tought America was seriously wounded when the Patriot Act was passed. Today’s wound may be fatal.

    • I think there are many conservatives in denial after yesterday. Trying to spin this disaster into something positive tells me that they just haven’t accepted what just happened.

  • I’m not buying the positive spin on any of this. We must not be dismissed. We must keep this and the economy front and center. We must be relentless on this. Team Zero will continue to distract as much as possible. He will continue to buy those that he believes that he can.

    Where was the msm on that one? He does great disservice to the AA community. With the exception of the Sheila Jacksons, they understand that the economy is the core that needs to be addressed, not the symptoms.

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