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Supreme Court Leaning Favorably Towards SB 1070

What the Supreme Court is mulling right now has ramifications for not just Arizona, but the entire country. As the Obama regime fights to kill SB 1070, the arguments-although not falling on deaf ears, are actually being heard on its merits apparently. If some of the comments of the justices are any indicator, SB 1070 may survive in a recognizable form. Add to that the fact that Elena Kagen-who should never have been nominated to the court, had no choice but to recuse herself from this case because of obvious conflict of interest. She fought against this law while working as one of Obama’s goons before being inserted as a Supreme Court justice. That’s good news for us, and the rest of the country.

Obama administration Solicitor General Donald Verrilli is a pretty competent guy as I understand it, but he has a difficult task in trying to defend the Obama regime’s argument that states have absolutely no right whatsoever to defend their borders against the onslaught of illegal immigration. The key phrase is defend their borders. If states needed permission to ensure the welfare of their state and her citizens, then there would be no call for state borders at all. The whole concept of a state is the autonomous nature of such an entity, with laws and responsibilities independent of an overbearing federal government. Vermilli has the unenviable task of arguing that states have no right or responsibilities unless decreed upon them by an all encompassing federal government. The Supreme Court has indicated that they aren’t buying it and that such a notion is absurd.

John Roberts isn’t fooled. He said he doesn’t think the federal government-and that means both sides of the aisle, really want to know how many illegal aliens are here. I have to disagree with Justice Roberts there. I think Obama would like to know exactly how many votes he can count on. In my opinion, this is really the main motivation behind the attack on SB 1070. Yes, absolute control is part of it, but you can’t control if you aren’t in power, and the votes illegal aliens can provide cycle after cycle will help to ensure fraudsters like Barack Obama will be viable candidates in the future. But the lame argument the Obama regime is putting forth is nothing short of a mockery of the Supreme Court. They even have open borders Sotomayor balking at the Obama position.

“You can see it’s not selling very well,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor told Obama administration Solicitor General Donald Verrilli.

In other words, she’s not buying the argument, and she’s not alone. With only eight justices making the call on this one, and even the liberal wing unable to twist an argument in support of the Obama regime, SB 1070 may stand, and if that’s the case, the floodgates will be opened. Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, Utah, Texas and other states that have already passed legislation to deal with illegal immigration can just tweak their own laws to fall in line with SB 1070 and the Obama/Holder contingent will have no recourse but to sit there and take it. Well, I shouldn’t say that. If this law stands, you can expect Holder to send in the race goons and investigate any law enforcement agency that dares to use this law. You see what they’ve done to Joe Arpaio, and you can be certain they’ll do it to others if they can.

One more reason to dump Obama in November, but we already knew that. Judging by the polls, we is a fairly large number. That’s why I can’t understand politicians pandering to a certain group at the risk of alienating a voting bloc they already have in the bag. Jan Brewer would tell you that, and my understanding is she’s pretty popular. If Arizona pulls this off, let’s see how many other states get smart and make a move of their own to preserve their sovereignty.

4 comments to Supreme Court Leaning Favorably Towards SB 1070

  • “That’s why I can’t understand politicians pandering to a certain group at the risk of alienating a voting bloc they already have in the bag.”

    It’s a shame ballots don’t come with a “none of the above” option.

  • Obama’s lawyer is coming off as not knowing what he is doing on this case and on Obamacare, but the truth is he has a very tough job because he is trying to defend two bills which are obviously unconstitutional and not defendable. It isn’t any wonder he is struggling to make Obama’s position known because the whole regime has tried to guide these laws through on very unstable ground.
    I also find it interesting that Kagan recused herself from this hearing but still heard the Obamacare case, she recused herself from this case for the exact reason she should have recused herself from Obamacare.

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