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WTC Topped Off With Islamic Minaret

For us Americans that still remain in this country, expect to see the fall of the United States in a way we never could have imagined. Losing the country is devastating enough, but the manner in which it is happening just adds insult to injury. But I digress. I said the Americans that still remain […]

Obama Foreign Policy Failure in Action

Or a stunning victory, depending on who you ask. If the reaction of Obama and his half Muslim lesbian sidekick Hillary are any indicator this was a prime event in which to apologize for America once again. And apologize they did. Obama may as well have provided the matches that burned American flags all over […]

Visit To Ground Zero

Sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog the last several weeks, but I’ve been putting in lots of overtime at work and I’m pretty beat at the end of the day. I’m not complaining though. In this economy I feel fortunate to have the opportunity. Just by chance I had to opportunity to be dispatched to […]

“All This Just For a Flag”

We know that Michelle Obama despises the ground she walks on. That would be American soil. With quotes like America is just mean, and she’s never been proud of the United States until her illegitimate hubby was installed in the White House, not to mention her vitriolic essays during her days at Princeton (while benefiting […]

Obama Soils The Memory of 9-11

I know that for many people, 9-11 is a time for reflection, to understand how our nation changed that day, and to remember those that perished. I don’t know about the rest of you, but that day is very hard for me to think about. Even now, if I see a program is going to […]

ID Optional When Coming Into the United States

It’s ridiculous that illegal aliens sneak across the border in the middle of the night, dodging vicious cartel thugs and braving the elements. They can just walk in the front door.

When the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative took effect in June 2009, the theory was that American, Canadian, Mexican and Bermudian citizens would have to […]