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Utah Immigration Law Under Attack

Open borders. One world government. Social justice. Reconquista.. Fraudulent voters. Most likely an obscene combination of all of those things. America’s borders are all but non-existent, and if a border jumper happens to stake their claim in this country, they have the full protection of Barack Obama’s Justice Department. Of course, they’ll have to run […]

Reconquistas Launch Attack On Immigration Laws

Since the law means nothing to illegal aliens-at least as far as the United States is concerned, it comes as no surprise that advocates for border jumpers would come up with their own decrees, which have nothing to do with American law-or any law for that matter. The march towards reconquista is making a turn […]

Court Castrates Alabama Immigration Law

Does the rule of law even matter anymore? Does a mountain of evidence and a compelling argument have any place in a courtroom? Apparently, not in the United States anymore. Case in point, the state of Alabama. In trying to protect their state from the onslaught of illegal immigration, their efforts have been thwarted by […]

Illegal Aliens Giving Away Their Children

George Bush once said that illegal aliens hold Christian values. If these are Christian values, consider me a non-Christian.

The fallout of the new Alabama immigration law is coming fast and furious (pun intended). Illegal aliens are fleeing the state droves, but they’re leaving something behind: Their children.


Justice Department Attacks Alabama

While Eric Holder ships guns to Mexico with the effect of slaughtering its citizens, the ones who actually made it to the United States illegally have his full protection. Criminals defending criminals. That’s our Justice Department.


Alabama Immigration Law Already Effective

No mass arrests. No tearing apart families. No added costs of incarceration. Following the leads of Arizona and Georgia, Alabama is showing the country how to battle illegal immigration with little more than the message you aren’t welcome here.