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Illegal Aliens Have Greenlight For Obamacare

For all those illegal aliens that think signing up for Obamacare might lead to deportation, rest easy amigos. Your just the kind of folks he’s looking for.


Gang of Eight Targets House Republicans

But apparently not everyone is on board with the scheme. Already showing their disrespect and disregard for the American people, the gang of eight have set their sights on house Republicans, but their devious tactics aren’t going over well with potential accomplices. They’ll keep trying though.


CBO Bewildered by Amnesty Bill

The Congressional Budget Office took a look at the senate’s amnesty bill that is being shoved down the throat of unwilling Americans and drew a few conclusions. They claim that it will promote economic growth. They say that it will reduce illegal immigration. They also say that unemployment will rise and wages will fall. Well, […]

Los Angeles Flooded With Illegal Aliens

If you want an accurate picture of what America will look like in the near future, just take a look at Los Angeles. When word gets out that illegal aliens are welcome, the population explodes in those areas, and results are devastating. Coming to your town soon.


Amnesty To Cost Trillions

And that’s just the money part of it. In my last post I said that there are many groups that would like to take a chunk out of the United States, and a few of them came to mind immediately. Well, here’s the other one. If Islam wants to stake their claim to this country […]

Americans Left Out Of Amnesty Debate

With no input from the American people-requested or otherwise, the current amnesty bill oozing through congress continues to take shape. But if you thought it was just eight guys in a room mapping the destruction of the United States, guess again. There are more than eight people in on this, no surprise it’s the usual […]