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Joe Arpaio Starting to Falter

As America descends into a third world socialist utopia, one of the last vestiges of what this country was-and should be is starting to falter. After years of withering pressure from an illegitimate regime in Washington, the new America is taking shape in Arizona.


Jan Brewer Issues Her Own Executive Order

It’s safe to say that Barack Obama would never sign an executive order like this. As a result, there will likely be consequences. So far, we have exactly one Republican in the United States that is willing to stand up to Obama and his country destroying, illegal actions. A member of congress? A candidate for […]

Plot To Assassinate Joe Arpaio Foiled

When Barack Obama illegally decreed amnesty several weeks ago, the argument was that DHS could focus on the hardcore criminals and not expend valuable resources on the rank and file border crosser. One of the many problems with that line of thinking is that we would have to wait for an illegal alien to actually […]

Obama Not Through With Arizona

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s dismal misapplication of the law and reckless disregard for the Constitution, the Obama regime now has free reign to do the same. Refusal to enforce the law and then breaking the very laws that have they have sworn to uphold, you would think that the regime has had their day […]

SCOTUS Botches SB 1070 Decision

Looking more like a gaggle of buffoons afraid of the consequences of their actions than the final word in law, the Supreme Court issued their ruling on SB 1070 today. Like muzak on a bad elevator, the decision does very little and helps very few. Politicians are using the decision to belch their rhetoric-the very […]

Supreme Court Leaning Favorably Towards SB 1070

What the Supreme Court is mulling right now has ramifications for not just Arizona, but the entire country. As the Obama regime fights to kill SB 1070, the arguments-although not falling on deaf ears, are actually being heard on its merits apparently. If some of the comments of the justices are any indicator, SB 1070 […]