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AP Spews Voter ID Propaganda

It is documented on this blog how much the AP is in the tank for the Obama regime, but when the AP chief outed himself and gave a glowing review of Barack Obama, the obvious was confirmed. We could just accept this as another left wing outlet barreling over the cliff with the rest of […]

AP Exposes Itself As Obama Lap Dog

It’s well established that the media is one of Barack Obama’s strongest allies. Right up there with unions and the Marxist left, the mainstream media has been little more than a propaganda outlet for the Obama regime’s transformation of America. If anyone doubts that, they need only to peruse articles from the Associated Press, who […]

AP Continues To Spew Global Warming Lie

Global warming is a myth and a fraud. The whole world knows it now, except, apparently, the AP.

As if the IPCC never had their e-mail system hacked into, the AP continues to report on the absolute inevitability of global warming, and the only way to deal with it is to spend money. That’s right. […]