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Obama Decrees Amnesty For Terrorists

He said he has a pen and he’s going to use it, and he just has, putting America at risk in the process. Well, if this doesn’t fundamentally change America I don’t know what will, the key word being fundamental.


Obama Provides Diversion for MSNBC

Being that his approval numbers are in the 30’s I don’t know how much good it will do, but at least Chris Matthews was able to relive that thrill that still sends his leg into spasms. Like a scene from 1984, up was down, right was wrong and bad was good over at MSNBC. Just […]

Boos Rain Down on Obama

How low can Obama go? Apparently he’s been in the gutter for a while and we just didn’t know it. If you believe the media, he sends a tingle down the leg of America. The people though, see it differently.


How Low Can Obama Go?

As a politician, you can be incompetent, clueless, even lecherous, and the generosity of the voting public may give you a pass. And although politics is rife with liars, the voting public doesn’t take kindly to the kinds of lies that affect their lives. Just ask Barack Obama.


Obama Approval Spiraling Downward

Remember the reviled, the hated George Bush? The guy that was heckled and lambasted as he attended the Obama coronation in 2008? Barack Obama was soaring in the polls back in those days. My how things change. No, the ignorant among us have not had an epiphany, but some things are just too obvious not […]

Obama Lies-Again

About the only thing you can expect from a compulsive liar is more lies. The stimulus would boost the economy. Well, it boosted a few pocketbooks, but so far, years later, the economy has yet to respond. Fast and Furious was Bush’s fault. That’s right, it was just a continuation of operation wide receiver, which…was […]