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Border Patrol Deadly Force Policy Under Scrutiny

If anybody still thinks the North American Union is just some right wing conspiracy theory, then they just haven’t paid attention to what is happening on our Southern border. The drug cartels and their coyotes already provide enough adventure for the would-be illegal alien wishing to cross over from Mexico. The last thing they need […]

Border Agent Blamed for his Own Death

How does the Obama regime do their PR? Do they just throw things against the wall and see what sticks? Recently, that seems to be the case. We saw conflicting assessments as to what happened in Benghazi, and now we have the same kind of Keystone Cops explanation going on at the border. This time […]

Border Patrol Ordered Not To Apprehend Illegals

Border security has always been somewhat of a joke in the United States. Any illegal alien can tell you that. The agents on the front lines at the border, outnumbered and usually outgunned, not only have to deal with an onslaught of illegal immigration on the ground, but now we find out that they have […]

Border Patrol Releases Most Captured Illegal Aliens

We already knew the Obama immigration policy was a sham, but to see it in black and white is disturbing none the less. An amnesty bill would add enough voters to the rolls in this country to shift the country permanently to the left in a few election cycles. Homeland Security is going to make […]

Mexican Law Enforcement Integrated Into Border Patrol

One more front page story buried in cyberspace. If you thought the borders weren’t secure before, then have a seat because this this will make you dizzy. With a half-assed incomplete fence at the border, pandering RINO’s abound, amnesty on docket for the Obama social justice regime, reconquistas in full attack mode, and Homeland Security […]