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Washington State Bows to Islam

Get out your prayer rugs Washington state, because Islam has arrived, and it looks like your elected representatives have welcomed them with open arms. In what could only be described as an attack on the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Islam is hosting Muslim Day At The Capitol in Washington state, to be held […]

Liberal Judge Blocks SQ 755

No, I’m not talking about some Middle Eastern hellhole, I’m talking about Oklahoma. Once again, a single individual has defied the will of the overwhelming majority.

The citizens of Oklahoma passed SQ 755 last week, that would prohibit courts in that state from considering sharia law in their decisions. The law was immediately challenged by […]

CAIR Sues to Force Sharia Law in Oklahoma

I used to say in some posts that this is beyond comprehension. Not anymore. Oklahomans went to the polls Tuesday and voted for representatives and measures that will assure the America that we recognize and love will be the way it is in that state. Islam is going to sue in order to force Oklahomans […]

Disney Bows To Islam

Is suing to impose your will on an employer discrimination? Not to Islam it isn’t.

Disney bowed to another Muslim demanding that she be allowed to wear religious garb and be a defacto prosletyzer of her religion.


Obama Policy Gets Approval From CAIR

I thought this was old news, but apparently you have to ram lies down the throat of America at regular intervals to have any impact. All it shows is that Barry is a Muslim, a liar, and either so out of touch that he should be removed from office for his own safety-and that of […]

CAIR Steps Up Attack On Abercrombie & Fitch

These cretins can’t decide whether to cry racism or religious persecution. What they can decide is that the United States should be a Muslim country, and they have the weight of the goverment to back them up. The folly of so many racial and religious discrimination arguments is that the remedy usually requires that somebody […]