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Deviant Lawmakers Targeting California Children

California has become the gutter state of the country, and for anyone that thinks they are safe living in other states, guess again. California due to its size has the most representatives of any state trolling the halls of congress. California children are under assault by some of the most depraved minds in the country, […]

Janet Napolitano Targets California Universities

And for California, the self inflicted hits just keep on coming. The beleaguered state couldn’t have made a worse choice if they had hand picked it. Well, as it turns out they did hand pick a proven, inept buffoon to run the California UC system. One more nail in the coffin.


Shooting Tragedy in Santa Monica Raises Questions

Yet another shooting tragedy has occurred, giving gun control advocates more ammunition if you will to support their position. What happened in Santa Monica on Friday was not only terrible on the surface, but has some underlying details that raises questions as to whether this was some lone nut case-or something else.


Los Angeles Flooded With Illegal Aliens

If you want an accurate picture of what America will look like in the near future, just take a look at Los Angeles. When word gets out that illegal aliens are welcome, the population explodes in those areas, and results are devastating. Coming to your town soon.


California Insurance Costs Set To Skyrocket

If the idea of Obamacare was to drive everyone towards a single payer system, then the plan has failed even before it has been implemented. Starting in 2014, insurance will be so expensive that many Americans, at least in California, will be looking at fines, jail-or homelessness. Hope and change has arrived.


Los Angeles Displays Shameful Voter Apathy

I’ve spoken many times about how California was headed straight into the toilet. The city of Los Angeles is part of that, and if the mayoral election on Tuesday is any indicator, the state as a whole has nothing on this city.