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DEA Laundering Money for Drug Cartels

More fuel for the fire on Thursday. As if shipping guns to Mexican cartels-and then lying about it, suing companies and school districts that refuse to succumb to sharia law, attacking states that dare to stand up to illegal immigration, dropping charges against baton wielding Black Panthers at a polling place, refusing to enforce civil […]

Cartel Thug Drops Anchor Babies on the United States

It’s gone from anger to outright embarrassment. The United States must look like a pack of idiots to the rest of the world. We know how we look to Mexican drug cartels. Just a bunch of stupid, easily manipulated buffoons who guard their sovereignty like a cheap hooker.


Darrell Issa to Hold Hearings on Project Gunrunner

Darrell Issa is a hard working man. So far, he epitomizes the term elected representative. His latest piece of work, if he can extract enough from the stonewalling Obama regime, may have consequences that reach to 2012 and beyond.

When the news broke that project gunrunner had spiraled out of control (or had it?), there […]

Obama Trafficking Guns to Mexican Cartels

There has been talk over the last few years of impeaching Barack Obama for various reasons. Most of that was from people unhappy with his policies, not necessarily from doing anything illegal. Now we have something concrete. Obama is a gun runner.

Anyone outside of the mainstream media knows what a sham border security is. […]

Obama, Mexican Cartels Defacto Partners

This couldn’t have worked out better for Barack Obama if he had planned this himself. Then again, he may have done just that.

With the Southern border of the United States wide open , the drug cartels in Mexico are engaged in a bloody war for control of the drug routes into the country. In […]