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FDA Declares Walnuts A Drug

I’ve said before that the Obama regime is coming at us from all angles. So while we hear about the debt ceiling fraud, the three wars, including the illegal Libyan conflict, the bowing to Islam, the bowing to China, the extolling of the benefits of outsourcing jobs, open borders, arming drug cartels, the EPA attack […]

FDA Looking Out For You, Or Big Pharma?

This is great. So glad the FDA is looking out for us. While the makers of Cheerios are slammed against the wall for daring to suggest their product has health benefits, lethal drugs are left on market, requiring further testing.

The FDA is currently conducting an 8 year study on the safety of Xolair, an […]

FDA To Protect Us From Tylenol

For all you junkies that just can’t put down that bowl of Cheerios, the FDA is out to save you again. This time they’re looking to make sure you aren’t deprived of the experience of pain.

Just days after turning the screws on General Mills for daring to suggest that Cheerios may lower cholesterol, an […]

FDA Declares Cheerios A Drug

That’s right, your government looking out for you.

In the latest bit of lunacy coming from the government (is it the latest? Hard to keep track), the FDA, who sits idly by while China ships in tons of poisonous food and other unsafe products has gone after the makers of Cheerios for daring to claim […]