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Public Enemy Number One Captured

With the assorted goons, thugs and maniacs trolling the streets of the United States, it might be a tough task deciding who is the worst of the lot. But despite all the seamy characters that could have taken the title, the worst of the worst comes from somewhere else. He’s not good folks, but he […]

Cartels Waging Drug War in Chicago

With ICE being run like the female version of Animal House, Janet Napolitano having grandma strip searched at the airport and Barack Obama decreeing amnesty to garner millions of illegal votes, it was only a matter of time before the fit hit the shan. That time has arrived. Yet another one of our great cities […]

La Raza Awarded Millions Of American Tax Dollars

Looking for work? Seeking retraining because your job was shipped overseas? Don’t worry, help is on the way…if you happen to be an illegal alien.

With millions of Americans out of work and millions more either on the verge of losing their jobs or underemployed, the socialist regime in Washington has delivered yet another blow […]

Bush Blamed For Botched Olympic Bid

You heard it right. If you happen to be incapable of doing anything right in politics, just use the old liberal tactic of blaming somebody else, thereby assuring that the problem will never be corrected. Welcome to another episode of blame Bush.

Barack Obama went to Copenhagen where once again he threw America under the […]