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Birth Tourism On The Rise

The sovereignty of the United States is under relentless attack, but if you happen to be on the other side of the world you need to be a little creative to participate. If you aren’t on the border of the United States, then you can’t just walk in, so other countries are using a different […]

China Lectures the United States

Anyone that has perused this blog for any amount of time knows what I think of the rise of communist China. Millions of American jobs and even more money has flooded that country, virtually guaranteeing that it will be the world’s top economy in a few decades-or sooner. So to hear me say that China […]

Global Cooling Explained

First we had global cooling. Remember that? Once that turned out to be bogus, they turned to global warming. Well, once the cooling trend started, they had to come up with something else. Climate change was that something. Now, any kind of change in the climate for any reason could be attributed to man. Unfortunately […]

Obama Stumps for Chinese Jobs

Barack Obama is on a whirlwind tour of sorts, trying to pep up the unemployed by feeding them a line of crap that will propel him past 2012. His way of doing that was to visit a company that exists because of taxpayer stimulus funds. They can’t compete with cheap Chinese labor, and as they […]

America Left Behind in Global Economy

As the world economy recovers, except for the United States that is headed for a monumental train wreck, emerging nations are growing so quickly that they are looking to put the brakes on the growth to avoid being overwhelmed. We should be so lucky. We used to be.

Brazil’s central bank has instituted measures that […]

Obama Regime Declares China Innocent

China has been so blatant in their currency manipulation that even Democrats are proposing legislation to punish them to try and rectify the situation. If you ask Barack Obama though, they’re as pure as the driven snow.

Just weeks after Hu Jintao kicked in the door of the oval office and explained to Obama what […]