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Chris Christie Channels His Inner Democrat

What was once a formidable Republican party is now under attack from within, with old school dinosaurs trying to cling to power as tea party minded new comers rock the boat. Did I say dinosaurs? I meant rinos, and the biggest one on the block has stepped in to help with the attack.


Chris Christie a Global Warming Believer

A RINO is on the charge, but he also happens to be a politician, so he’s covering his tracks along the way. No matter what side of the fence the global warming issue falls on, Chris Christie will be able to say he was either for or against it.

The darling slob of the GOP […]

GOP, Islam Just Love Chris Christie

Just when we thought we got rid of one slob in the form of Haley Barbour, yet another slob is being trotted out as a potential GOP presidential candidate next year. Even Barack Obama might go for this one though.

Although he claims he won’t be running next year, governor Chris Christie of New Jersey […]