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Obama Submits the CIA to Islam

The swearing in hasn’t even occurred yet and already we are seeing the kind of damage Barack Obama intends to inflict on America. If national security wasn’t already damaged with Obama at the helm, what he has in store now will totally obliterate any sense of security we thought was left. Those that would impose […]

Helpless CIA Warns Of Impending al Qaeda Attack

Yet Eric Holder wants to give KSM a stage in New York, panty bomber is being treated like an American citizen, Obama is reaching out to those that would bite his hand off, and the borders remain wide open in anticipation of amnesty. Lets not forget that the military is full of Muslims in the […]

CIA Had Been Tracking Panty Bomber For Months

Yet the CIA did nothing. Is this a case of staggering ineptitude, or inaction out of fear of reprisal from the current liberal government? There was a systemic failure all right Barry, but not because nobody knew what was going on. In fact, everybody knew what was going on, but nobody took action.

CBS news […]