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Climate Fraudsters Claim 2010 Hottest Year Ever

Too bad the facts don’t back it up. But since this isn’t about climate change at all, the facts don’t really matter.

Global warming. Climate change. Climate disruption. Whatever name it is being called this week, the facts remain the same: It’s all a scam. It was a cornerstone of Hitler’s propaganda campaign, the big […]

Redistribution Conference Held In Geneva

The climate fraudsters are plowing ahead with their redistribution agenda, despite the fact that their scheme is based on phony, erroneous, and sometimes non-existent data. But this isn’t about the data: It’s about the money.

The socialist representatives of 46 countries gathered in Geneva this week to discuss how to divide up your money between […]

Unreal: Global Warming Scam Continues

This planted story almost certainly means that cap and trade legislation is on the way, maybe even before amnesty legislation. Don’t worry though, they will get to amnesty.

An AP story, obviously written without much research, warns that the great glaciers of world are melting and its all due to climate change. Yes, any change […]

IPCC Fraud Too Much For India

India is an emerging economic power, and they aren’t about to destroy themselves based on a scam that has no basis in reality.

As if the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) wasn’t in flames already, this blow in theory should finish them off. Backed by the United Nations however, they may give the appearance […]

SEC Requiring Companies To Destroy Themselves

This is almost beyond the scope of comprehension, but the fact is, it’s actually happening.

After all the lies, all the fraud, all the misdirection and the re-naming of this phony crisis, the racket that is climate change is not only alive, but on the attack. The SEC, a five member panel (you thought is […]

Global Warming Frauds Invent New Crisis

Global warming is out. It’s just too damn cold. However, the new and improved threat doesn’t require the earth to heat up. All it requires is that the weather changes. It doesn’t matter if that weather is part of a normal pattern, if it changes, we’re all in peril.

A pack of global warming fraudsters […]