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Occupy Wall Street Welcomes CAIR

They call themselves the 99 percent. They would have us believe that this is what America is, this is the overwhelming majority, this is now, and this is the future. Unfortunately, they’re half right.

As the occupy Wall Street crowd continue to defile everything they touch, their supporters-and organizers are making themselves known. CPUSA, the […]

Empire State Building Bows To Communism

A celebration of the obscene. Not the birth of a country, but the birth of a communist juggernaut that laid waste to tens of millions of its own citizens through starvation, “reeducation camps”, and outright murder. The United States should feel lucky that China is doing a slow boil in this case. Millions of Chinese […]

An American Icon To Be Desecrated By China

Just days after the communist Chinese flag was raised in the shadow of the White House, yet another blow to the sovereignty of the United States will take place, compliments of communist China.

This time, the iconic Empire State Building is set to set to be enveloped by China, with a hideous light display sporting […]