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Report: Too Many Whites Serving Our Country

If you believe the Justice Department, there are no laws that protect whites from discrimination. Apparently, that belief has oozed into Congress as well. Fortunately, we drained some of that swamp. Those folks are still out there though.

Congress ordered a report in 2009 on diversity in the military. Who controlled congress in 2009? Yes, […]

Dems to Try to Ram Through DREAM Act in Lame Duck


Obama Showing Little Will to Compromise

That doesn’t mean he isn’t going ahead with this agenda; he’s just going to bypass congress if he can. He’s given up hope that cap and tax will be passed now. Obama knows he no longer has the votes to pass such a scheme, but ironically it was his bumbling that prevented it from being […]

Obama Bait and Switch Tax Scheme?

The current tax code allows businesses to receive tax breaks and credits for shipping jobs overseas. Barack Obama wants to put an end to that practice. Sounds like a great idea. Is Obama finally making some sense? Has he finally decided to do something that is in the interest of the American people. Not so […]

DREAM Act Smacked Down In Senate

Harry Reid’s amnesty scheme went down in flames as expected, but if the effort got him a few more Hispanic votes, then it did its job.

In a brazen attempt at amnesty for nearly all illegal aliens, senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV), attached an amendment to a defense appropriations bill that would have revived […]

Health Care Passage Paves The Way For Rest Of Agenda

We already know all the arguments over the health care bill so there’s no use in going over that again. If you don’t know what they are, several blogs on the right can fill you in.

Here are the consequences of Bart Stupak bowing to his Marxist king. Now that they have this thing passed, […]