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A Tale of Two Crimes

I had another article in mind tonight (I’ll get to it), but this one caught my attention, and points out just how discombobulated and upside down the justice system has become in this country. One woman faces prison time for wanting a better education for her child. Another gets a slap on the wrist and […]

SEC Hacks Rewarded for Incompetence

The fraud perpetrated by Bernie Madoff cost investors at least $50 billion. His brazen ponzi scheme went on for years as the SEC concentrated on things like forcing companies to predict the effects of global warming on their companies in annual reports. They also let former Countrywide scum Angelo Mozilo walk away unscathed as the […]

ACORN Reincarnates in New York

The Rosemary’s Baby of community organizers is back, but in reality, they never went away. They just needed a little makeover, and what better place to do that than in a bastion of liberalism like New York.

The criminals formerly known as ACORN, exposed for the prurient, race baiting, economy bashing scum that they are, […]

Democrats Sending Stimulus Money to China

We’ve all heard the horror stories of how the stimulus money was either wasted or has gone unspent, but this is a story of how it is being stolen, and the crooks go all the way to the White House.

As Harry Reid fought for his political life in last month’s Senatorial fight with Sharron […]

SEC Folds on Countrywide Debacle

Well, it turns out that crime does pay after all. Just ask Angelo Mozilo. Not only did he destroy a company and toss a grenade onto the American economy, he profited handsomely for the effort.

Former Countrywide CEO and co-founder Anthony Mozilo cut a deal with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), bringing an end […]

Los Angeles’ Staggering Waste Of Stimulus Funds

Leave it to Los Angeles to screw up a sure thing. The failed stimulus bill was supposed to create jobs. In fact, shovel ready jobs were supposedly already there, just waiting for your money. Well, technically, there were jobs created. Technically.

Some of the most corrupt,inept boobs on the political landscape, the Los Angeles city […]