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Darrel Issa Smacks Down Elijah Cummings

Darrel Issa has done some good things, and he’s made some-questionable decisions. At yesterday’s House Government Oversight Committee hearing yesterday he did what he should have done months ago: Put Elijah Cummings in his place. That he did.


ACORN Thugs Working as Obamacare Navigators

Anybody that paid any attention at all knew that these brown shirts were still around, and now they may get their hands on your personal information. What could go wrong there? If history is any indicator, plenty, and Darrel Issa will have to go octagon with his own committee to investigate.


Issa Exposes Napolitano on Phony Border Numbers

Thus far, the left has dictated what the core issues have been for Republican presidential candidates this season. It has worked out even better than planned, with Republicans going off the rails on their own and saving Barack Obama from doing unnecessary campaigning. Not only have they lost focus on the real target, Barack Obama, […]

Issa and Committee are Multi-tasking

Not only is Darrell Issa doing a heck of job as chairman of the House Government oversight Committee, he’s doing it on multiple fronts. While Fast and Furious may be the single most damning investigation on the agenda, this is a big country and a bloated bureaucracy, so Issa has much work to do.

It […]

Issa Being Undercut by Elijah Cummings

You heard of draining the swamp. That was little more than a punch line before November. Since then, the house Government Oversight Committee has been hard at work. Take a look at their website to see the things they’re doing. The outlet valve for the swamp stops at the committee, and right now Darrell Issa […]

Darrell Issa to Hold Hearings on Project Gunrunner

Darrell Issa is a hard working man. So far, he epitomizes the term elected representative. His latest piece of work, if he can extract enough from the stonewalling Obama regime, may have consequences that reach to 2012 and beyond.

When the news broke that project gunrunner had spiraled out of control (or had it?), there […]