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Justice Department Gives Issa the Political Finger

Again. The Obama regime is so corrupt, have put themselves so far above the law, have redefined the Constitution in such a way as to make it irrelevant and have done so much damage to this country that we may never recover that 2012 should be open and shut. So far, most Republicans haven’t taken […]

Napolitano Stalling on Document Requests

Darrell Issa is a busy man. If Janet Napolitano wasn’t on his shit list before, she/he/it [insert opinion here] certainly is now. For the Alinskyites that think my incivility will spur Nappy to grab her Glock and bring us another Tucson-stay home and lock your door then.

If you recall, a few weeks ago word […]

Issa Takes Charge at First Committee Hearing

It’s a good thing Darrell Issa is heading the House Oversight Committee. His leadership was tested almost from the onset from Democrats on the committee, and he showed them that indeed, he was the new sheriff in town.

The unpopular Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP as it is commonly known was the spotlight for […]

Darrell Issa Enlists the Help of the American People

Darrell Issa is a busy man, and now he’s asking the American people directly to assist him. He wants to know from businesses around the country what Washington is doing to hold them back. He should get plenty of responses.

Issa, as head of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform already has Frank […]

Republicans to Turn The Screws on Democrats

The job is so easy that it will be difficult. What has the Obama regime done wrong? To what extent is corruption and illegal power grabbing ingrained in the regime? That’s what Darrell Issa plans to find out, and if he digs up enough dirt, 2012 will be a very bad year for Obama and […]

California Votes Itself Into Oblivion

It was a great night for Republicans, and if nothing else, there is now a roadblock in front of the Obama agenda. The citizens of California however, have voted for complete destruction of the state. The Obama agenda will continue unabated in California, and the rest of the country will now get to see what […]