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Gangster Obama Shows Up For The Debate

Or he was just channeling Joe Biden. You decide. Whatever the case, Obama brought nothing new to the table, but then, this may not have been the objective of this debate. With more people paying attention at this point in the campaign, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama may just be driving home their talking […]

Romney Hammers Obama in First Debate

This is just an off the top of my head impression of tonight’s presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Sometimes an analysis like this is better than pouring over a transcript because in the end, most people are just going to watch and judge on what stuck with them. I’ll tell you what […]

Republican Debate Stuck in Neutral?

The question is, if you were on the fence, if by some kind of dimensional warp you couldn’t decide between Barack Obama and anybody else in 2012, would this debate have moved you one way or another? That’s the problem.

Unfortunately, this debate was invitation only. I have the pleasure of working just minutes from […]