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Voter Fraud in High Gear

With the senate slipping away from the Democrats, these have become desperate times, not just for the endangered senators, but Democrats at all levels of government. But they have faced desperate times before and the game plan now is the same as what the game plan was then. Voter fraud has reared its ugly head […]

Voter Fraud Celebrated In Ohio

When we hear of the disenfranchised, and voter suppression, the story is that evil Republicans want to keep those that traditionally vote Democrat from voting. The story is that voter ID laws are so onerous, so imposing, that many voters would be denied the right to cast a ballot. Apparently, that isn’t the case in […]

Republicans Caving Once Again

Now that the proverbial can has been kicked down the road yet again, those that feared the sky was about to fall can rest easy. With the current crop of Republicans being what they are, some of us knew what would eventually happen, and…we were right.


California To Put Two More Nails In Its Coffin

The media focus has been on national and international issues recently, with varying degrees of accuracy. Nevertheless, the issues regarding Syria and the looming Obamacare debacle are being covered. What is getting less attention is what is happening on the state level, and those issues have their own disastrous consequences.


Deviant Lawmakers Targeting California Children

California has become the gutter state of the country, and for anyone that thinks they are safe living in other states, guess again. California due to its size has the most representatives of any state trolling the halls of congress. California children are under assault by some of the most depraved minds in the country, […]

Californians Belted With Hundreds of New Laws

Are you a criminal? How would you know? There are so many laws, rules, regulations and edicts directed squarely at the general population that to even research the possibility would be a monumental full-time job. As if things weren’t bad enough in California, as of January 1st, there are hundreds more reasons to steer clear […]