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California Dead Last Again

It has already arrived for me, but now the rest of the country will experience what Barack Obama sees as his mandate after the suspect presidential election last month. If you believe that socialism works, if you believe open borders is a good idea, if you think taxing the daylights out of the citizens, if […]

Biden Self-Destructs, Dems Delighted

The only reason anybody thought Joe Biden did well in Thursday’s debate was that it is universally agreed that he is a buffoon. With that premise, Joe was just being Joe, and the fact that he didn’t allow Paul Ryan to finish half his thoughts could be considered by Joe’s standards to be a success. […]

Godless, Anti-Semitic Clown Show Fail

And leave it to Antonio Villaraigosa to make it crystal clear to the world what Democrats think of God and Israel. Three times he tried to get the answer he wanted before finally doing what he was told and ramming a decision down the throats of the convention goers. Many of us have already experienced […]

Dems Double Down On Race Card

Shameless race pandering is the modus operani of the current incarnation of the Democratic party, and it has been no more evident than is has been this presidential campaign. Mitt Romney has been viciously attacked by a host of goons for no other reason that Romney is white. It certainly isn’t for anything he has […]

Socialist Checks and Balances in California

Remember earlier this year when a gaggle of California politicians headed to Texas to find out what Rick Perry’s secret was for creating jobs? They took some ideas back with them. California governor Jerry Brown has signed the final portion of the state’s own DREAM Act, the would allow illegal aliens to attend college, compliments […]

Antonio Villaraigosa Bashes Tea Party

This racist, scumbag, Mexican agent is at it again, and with ideas of eventually becoming governor of California, his vision goes right along with the rest of the social justice crackpots that have driven the state into the ground. Unfortunately, that is what the citizens of this once great state wants. Will the rest of […]