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Race Baiting DOJ Hack Being Promoted

Republicans are helpless to stop this nomination from becoming reality, and we all will suffer for it. The fact is though, we’ve already been suffering for years and this guy will just have another avenue to inflict his brand of damage.

For the Obama regime, it looks like out with the bad and in with […]

Issa Being Undercut by Elijah Cummings

You heard of draining the swamp. That was little more than a punch line before November. Since then, the house Government Oversight Committee has been hard at work. Take a look at their website to see the things they’re doing. The outlet valve for the swamp stops at the committee, and right now Darrell Issa […]

Darrell Issa to Hold Hearings on Project Gunrunner

Darrell Issa is a hard working man. So far, he epitomizes the term elected representative. His latest piece of work, if he can extract enough from the stonewalling Obama regime, may have consequences that reach to 2012 and beyond.

When the news broke that project gunrunner had spiraled out of control (or had it?), there […]

DOJ Forcing Lower Standards for Police Recruits

You would be correct if you thought that the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action several years ago. Don’t tell that to the Department of Justice. In yet another display of blatant racism, the DOJ is forcing the Dayton Police Department to lower their testing standards so more minorities can pass the entrance exam.

On […]

DOJ Policy Denies Justice For Whites

We already suspected what the Department of Justice was doing based on high profile cases. Now we have confirmation straight from the belly of the beast.


Justice Department Awash In Terror Sympathizers

It is disturbing enough that Barack Obama is a Muslim (either that, or so enamored with Islam that he may as well be a Muslim), completely out of step with the values and customs of the country that he claims to represent, but now it is clear that he is trying to impose his twisted […]