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Eric Holder Urges Defiance Of The Law

How Eric Holder has managed to stay out of prison almost defies logic. Almost. On the contrary, while breaking every law he can find and flat out ignoring the ones the doesn’t care about he’s decided to spread his message of constitutional contempt across the nation. He’ll start off by asking nicely though.


First Circuit Court Trashes Defenseless DOMA

Ever since Barack Obama declared himself a Supreme Court Justice and decided that he would no longer defend federal law he disagreed with, the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA has been defended by private attorneys tapped by Republican lawmakers. This post is not about your position or whether you agree with this law or […]

Obama Elects Himself to Supreme Court

If you think Obama cares about the rights of gays, guess again. He could care less. This is a test case to see how far he can go in ignoring the rule of law and getting away with it. And maybe snap up a few votes before 2012 at the same time.

The Defense of […]