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Eric Cantor Pimps DREAM Act

And the hits just keep on coming. As if Americans were not unrepresented enough already, the Republicans are rubbing in that fact and making sure you know that there is essentially nothing the hapless American citizen can do about it. They may have to rewrite the Constitution to make their case, but they are going […]

Romney Hispanders for Univision

And Barry will be coming right behind him. We already know where Mitt Romney stands on immigration, and to his credit he didn’t waffle on that Wednesday. I don’t agree with his positions, but I give him props for sticking to his beliefs. Oh, sure, he did the political pandering dance, but in the end, […]

Full Amnesty Already In Effect

If you thought Obama decreeing the DREAM Act into law was an outrage, well, that was just icing on the cake. The fraud-in-chief has implemented other mini amnesties (mini being a relative term), that now just about every illegal alien is immune from deportation. Couple that with Project Gunrunner, which for all we know is […]

Obama Decrees Defacto DREAM Act

The wound has just been inflicted so it remains to be seen what the full response will be (although I see bloggers got it right once again and put this front page), but in the meantime, Barack Obama has weakened the country once again, and has also ignored the Constitution once again. Add to the […]

Marco Rubio Resurrects The DREAM Act

When Herman Cain was running for president, he was torn apart by the mainstream media, not because he is patently unqualified to be president (and he is unqualified), but because he is black. The more extreme left outlets tossed around terms such as token, and Uncle Tom to describe a conservative man that happened to […]

Gingrich Proposes More Amnesty

It looks as if the brain warp that inflicts the voters of South Carolina is infecting the rest of the country. New polls show Newt Gingrich as the GOP frontrunner for the nomination and the critical task of removing Barack Obama from the White House. That fact bodes ill for the country-unless you happen to […]