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Feds Get Parachutes for Fiscal Cliff Dive

While the buffoons in Washington continue to battle over how much of our money they want to take, the so-called fiscal cliff promises to take a little something from everybody. Well, almost everybody. If you happen to be one of those that are actually responsible for taking the country to this precipice, Barack Obama has […]

April Job Numbers Discouraging

If all Mitt Romney can bring himself to talk about is the economy, at least he has some ammunition this month. I don’t know who is advisors are, but if you need help Mitt, give me a buzz. I’ll set your campaign straight in about five minutes.


Economists Botch Job Outlook

I’ve suggested before that stories are planted in the media in order to confuse the public so they won’t know what to think. I stand by that assertion, but here we have a case of bungling experts that are so bad, that any one of us would be among the unemployed with such a job […]

America Left Behind in Global Economy

As the world economy recovers, except for the United States that is headed for a monumental train wreck, emerging nations are growing so quickly that they are looking to put the brakes on the growth to avoid being overwhelmed. We should be so lucky. We used to be.

Brazil’s central bank has instituted measures that […]

Private Enterprise Outshines Bloated Government

As Democrats in Wisconsin and Indiana see their potential kickback money train in jeopardy, some are fleeing their states in a vain attempt to stave off the inevitable. While unscrupulous unions and bloated government bureacracies strangle economies and bleed taxpayers dry, private enterprise is showing how it’s done when left alone.

Dallas based Holly Corp. […]

Fuzzy Math: January Job Numbers

Maybe it’s just me, and I’m looking at the numbers all wrong, but the January job figures don’t look as rosy as the Obama regime and their MSM puppets might have you think. If you believe the figures for last month, the economy is taking off.

Unemployment suddenly fell from 9.8 percent to an even […]