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Voter Fraud Celebrated In Ohio

When we hear of the disenfranchised, and voter suppression, the story is that evil Republicans want to keep those that traditionally vote Democrat from voting. The story is that voter ID laws are so onerous, so imposing, that many voters would be denied the right to cast a ballot. Apparently, that isn’t the case in […]

Possible Vote Fraud Ignored by Republicans

There have been so many instances of voter fraud coming from the Democrat side of politics that is has almost become a joke-if it weren’t so serious. What is happening to this country as a result is far from funny. To no one’s surprise, the presidential election Nov. 6 appears to be riddled with fraud, […]

The Fix Is In

We know that voter fraud occurs in this country, and if ACORN is any indicator, it was rampant in 2008. Think the problem has been solved? Think again. I’ve railed against electronic voting machines for years, not only for their unreliability, but for their ease of manipulation. Now, literally hours from maybe the most important […]

Foreign Entity to Monitor U.S. Election

As president of the world, Barack Obama certainly has more tactical resources at his disposal than what he has here in the United States. Just on the surface he has the mainstream media, the CPUSA, various occupod organizations, a litany of racist groups and just about any other group that has a problem with whitey. […]

Gangster Obama Shows Up For The Debate

Or he was just channeling Joe Biden. You decide. Whatever the case, Obama brought nothing new to the table, but then, this may not have been the objective of this debate. With more people paying attention at this point in the campaign, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama may just be driving home their talking […]

Left Apoplectic After Romney Comments

The problem isn’t what Mitt Romney said, it was what Mitt Romney said. Let me clarify that. What Romney said was generally true, but it impinged on the politically correct narrative that is having the effect of turning almost all public speakers into a gaggle of spin doctors, liars, obfuscators, obscurists and appeasers which has […]