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Justice Department Cracks Down On Schools

And by default American school children and the taxpayers that fund their education. Whether making up laws to suit them or ignoring laws they disagree with, the liberal faction of America is doing irreparable harm-something they apparently don’t mind doing to their children.


Eric Holder Urges Defiance Of The Law

How Eric Holder has managed to stay out of prison almost defies logic. Almost. On the contrary, while breaking every law he can find and flat out ignoring the ones the doesn’t care about he’s decided to spread his message of constitutional contempt across the nation. He’ll start off by asking nicely though.


Panicking Eric Holder Plays The Race Card

Of all the left wing crackpots that troll the United States, few are as vile and disgusting as Eric Holder. After accusing Americans of being cowards for being too timid to confront race issues, he has now used the tired old race card in an attempt to shut the mouths of those that criticize him […]

Utah Immigration Law Under Attack

Open borders. One world government. Social justice. Reconquista.. Fraudulent voters. Most likely an obscene combination of all of those things. America’s borders are all but non-existent, and if a border jumper happens to stake their claim in this country, they have the full protection of Barack Obama’s Justice Department. Of course, they’ll have to run […]

Crackdown on American Gun Buyers

I thought this was a joke, maybe an article from The Onion when I read it, but no. It was from the AP. Close enough. This could be seen as a tragic comedy, but there’s nothing funny about it.

Already caught red-handed smuggling guns to Mexican drug cartels, the Justice Department has not only refused […]

Darrell Issa to Hold Hearings on Project Gunrunner

Darrell Issa is a hard working man. So far, he epitomizes the term elected representative. His latest piece of work, if he can extract enough from the stonewalling Obama regime, may have consequences that reach to 2012 and beyond.

When the news broke that project gunrunner had spiraled out of control (or had it?), there […]