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Mexican Government Requesting a Registry of U.S. Gun Owners

You can’t make this up, although Mexico apparently has. With the memory of Fast and Furious all but ignored South of the border, the corrupt Mexican government has decided that the best way to get a handle on guns crossing into their country is to make sure they know what guns you own.


Drug Violence Claims Another Border Patrol Agent

While Barack Obama remains untouched by the consequences of his murderous policies, the fate of everyone else in two different countries is much different. The border is an absolute seive, and the policies of this regime just exacerbate the problem. With Obama’s decree of illegal amnesty in a blatant effort to win votes, and his […]

Crackdown on American Gun Buyers

I thought this was a joke, maybe an article from The Onion when I read it, but no. It was from the AP. Close enough. This could be seen as a tragic comedy, but there’s nothing funny about it.

Already caught red-handed smuggling guns to Mexican drug cartels, the Justice Department has not only refused […]

Gunrunner Scandal Moves Beyond Phoenix

I said a few days ago that Fast and Furious was getting uglier by the day. What do you know, it’s another day. What we initially believed about Project Gunrunner was bad enough, but it may be much bigger than we could have imagined.

The drug war rages unabated in Mexico. The latest blast of […]

Fast and Furious Getting Uglier By The Day

How this isn’t splattered across the front page of every paper in America is just more proof that the media is in the tank for the Obama regime. At the very least this was a case of bungling on a historical scale, and at worst, and act of war. If you believe the latter, you […]

Issa Being Undercut by Elijah Cummings

You heard of draining the swamp. That was little more than a punch line before November. Since then, the house Government Oversight Committee has been hard at work. Take a look at their website to see the things they’re doing. The outlet valve for the swamp stops at the committee, and right now Darrell Issa […]