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Copenhagen Conference In Flames

Talk about your global warming. It’s getting hot over there, but not the way you think.

As world leaders, which include the likes of Hugo Chavez (keep that in mind), trudged through the 4 inches of new snow that fell in Copenhagen, the likelihood of any kind of agreement coming from the fraud conference is […]

Judge Restores ACORN Funding

There used to a be time when I would have said that this is beyond comprehension. Not anymore. Nothing surprises me now. This is the reason that the Supreme Court installation of Sonia Sotomayor was so important.

Clinton appointee U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon issued an insane ruling that opens the spigets once again for […]

ACORN Officially Declares Itself Innocent

What did you expect? This is like Iran keeping us up to date on their nuclear program. Why waste the time? Because ACORN has friends in Washington, and they’ll use any kind of investigative conclusions to help ACORN, even if those conclusions are fiction.

The investigation was launched when ACORN was caught red-handed engaging in […]

Global Warming Fraud Goes Bi-partisan

Let’s call them the three stooges, because they continue to use terminology that has been proven to be fraudulent.

My apologies to The Stooges. I’m comparing these jerks to the characters, not the men. The three, John Hanoi Jane on Botox Kerry, RINO Lindsay grahamnesty Graham, and Joe the health care sellout Lieberman have come […]

Climate Fraud Party Underway In Copenhagen

Barack Obama just gave America the finger, and he plans on using more than a finger when he goes to Copenhagen.

The climate change fraud train just keeps on rolling. If you searched the mainstream media, you would never know that the whole thing is a complete fraud. The World Meteorlogical Organization will coincidentally make […]

AP Continues To Spew Global Warming Lie

Global warming is a myth and a fraud. The whole world knows it now, except, apparently, the AP.

As if the IPCC never had their e-mail system hacked into, the AP continues to report on the absolute inevitability of global warming, and the only way to deal with it is to spend money. That’s right. […]