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Utah Immigration Law Under Attack

Open borders. One world government. Social justice. Reconquista.. Fraudulent voters. Most likely an obscene combination of all of those things. America’s borders are all but non-existent, and if a border jumper happens to stake their claim in this country, they have the full protection of Barack Obama’s Justice Department. Of course, they’ll have to run […]

Judge Neuters Georgia Immigration Law

Judicial activism. Plain and simple. Georgia is now on the road of Arizona, hoping to find a judge that either isn’t to the left of Karl Marx, or are in fear of…something. We can’t discount that possibility. Lou Dobbs has bullet holes in the walls of his home as proof something is out there. Having […]

Latin America Gangs Up On Georgia

Well, they could make the argument that their own countries just aren’t safe. With the Obama regime shipping guns to Mexican drug cartels, at least that country could make the argument that their illegal aliens should not be subject to the law. Of course, they can’t make a case for the oceans of illegal aliens […]

Illegal Aliens Really Are Getting Out Of Town

This thing will blow a hole in Obama’s social justice agenda, and put amnesty to rest for good if allowed to continue. If allowed. That is the key.

The Department of Homeland Security’s 287g program has been highly successful and responsible for the apprehension and deportation of thousands of illegal aliens in the last few […]

DOJ Denies Georgia Voter Fraud Protection

Why would anyone be against verifying whether a potential voter is actually qualified to vote? You wouldn’t, unless you planned on cheating.

In an unfortunately not so stunning move, Barack Obama’s Department of Justice has barred the state of Georgia from Verifying whether those who register are actually citizens. Georgia had a program that checked […]