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Global Warming Fraudsters Grasping At Straws

And if they get a hold of one of those straws, you paycheck is likely to be attached. Barack Obama is trying to pick our pockets while attempting to get us to ride bicycles to the local mosque, Democratic operatives are bashing Mitt Romney’s wife in what was previously off limits according to Obama, Executive […]

Gingrich Still On Board With Global Warming

But he apparently wants to keep it a secret, at least until he’s safely inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Of course, Newt Gingrich’s poll numbers are plummeting, and he won’t even be on the ballot in Virginia, So we may not have to worry about it. I just want to be the guy that slams the […]

Climate Fraud is Alive and Well

Remember the global warming hockey stick graph, the alleged final word of proof that the earth was warming at such an ungodly rate that we should all be dead already? It’s baaack, but this time with a different face, and for the global warming fraudsters perpetuating this myth, hopefully a little less laughable than the […]

Global Cooling Explained

First we had global cooling. Remember that? Once that turned out to be bogus, they turned to global warming. Well, once the cooling trend started, they had to come up with something else. Climate change was that something. Now, any kind of change in the climate for any reason could be attributed to man. Unfortunately […]

Chris Christie a Global Warming Believer

A RINO is on the charge, but he also happens to be a politician, so he’s covering his tracks along the way. No matter what side of the fence the global warming issue falls on, Chris Christie will be able to say he was either for or against it.

The darling slob of the GOP […]

Climate Fraudsters: Halt Economic Growth

And the best way to do that will be to redistribute wealth to regimes around the world that will either steal the money, use it to start their own carbon emission party or fritter it away on something unrelated. The science really is settled on this fraud, but as I’ve said before, this isn’t about […]