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Palestinians to Create Their Own State

The Palestinians, like the Israeli’s, rejected the Obama peace scheme immediately, albeit for different reasons. For Israel, it was a recipe for war with indefensible borders, and for the Palestinians, it was a call to unnecessarily concede Israel’s right to exist. No need for any of that. They’ll just create a state out of thin […]

Justice Department Blocked CAIR Prosecution

Did you ever wonder why CAIR were unindicted co-conspirators in the Holyland Foundation case? What does unindicted mean anyway? Originally, I thought it meant that although the feds knew CAIR was involved with the Holyland Foundation front for the terror group HAMAS, they just couldn’t prove it in a court of law. I should have […]

State Department Lifts Visa Ban On HAMAS Supporter

This administration just doesn’t get it. Or, in maybe an even more disturbing scenario, they do get it.

The Patriot Act contains provisions that would deny visas to the United States for anyone that supported or was connected in some way with terrorist organizations, or organizations that supported them. One of those organizations, Commite de […]

Egypt Building The Mother Of All Border Fences

Who would have thought that the United States could learn something from Egypt? Culture? Diplomacy? Technology? No, none of those things. How about an old fashioned border wall?

Israel got it right with their own border wall (that’s where we can take a technology cue), and now Egypt, who has had it with the Palestinians […]